An Engagement Story

cheekkiss┬áIt’s really amazing the story God writes for our lives when we’re not looking. When I visited DC two years ago this month, I had a tugging on my heart that this would be the city I would move to. I fell in love with a graduate program and a city of possibility. I had no idea then that a company I just started working for would give me the opportunity to transfer with them on my new adventure. I had no idea that a year later, I would be in the city I felt led to, sitting in our break room, across from the man I was going to marry.

My first couple of months in DC were challenging. School was crazy and it was a little hard to make friends at work. When I met Steve and his friend Jackie on Oct. 16, 2012, I remember how funny they were, how nice it felt to be engaged in conversation and a glimmer of hope I had that this two people could become my friends. In the weeks that followed that day, Steve would always make a point to say hi and we developed the wittiest banter I’ve ever had with another human being. I realized that I would make excuses to linger around the lockers which happened to be right by his desk and that I’d get little butterflies when he’d talk to me. What I didn’t know then was that God was planting little things in my heart that would take months for me to understand.

I mentioned in a post last month about a conversation he and I had by the Georgetown river front. It was that day and night that made me realize I would do anything to have this man in my life. I called my mom the next morning and whispered “Mom, I think he’s it.” In only a way that mothers can intuitively know things she said, “I’ve been wondering the same thing for a while now”….just two days later I said ok and began a journey that I’ve never looked back on.

What’s absolutely amazing is that within a week or so of dating, he walked me to my car and right there, under the street lights, we looked at each other and realized aloud “This is it.” I used to get some frustrated at people who were married or engaged when they would tell me “When you know, you know.” NO! I would scream inside, I DON’T know! But after about a week of dating, I got it. I understood.

Even in that knowing, the months we have spent just dating have been priceless. We have learned each other in a way that comes only in dating. There were important trips to take and family and friends to meet. There were disagreements to be had and laughs to be shared. There were talks to be had with my dad and a heart bonding that only comes with commitment.

IMG_3288I was invited this summer to take a trip with Steve and his mom to Paris this fall. Steve and I value adventure and this just seemed to be our next big one. While I knew he had spoken with my father months prior, I had no idea if this was actually going to happen on this trip for lots of reasons. I hoped but didn’t know. In the weeks leading up to our trip, he was less vocal about rings and plans and I wasn’t sure if this was from my threats of not wanting to know any details or if he was maybe second guessing lol. On our first day in Paris, we chose to wander the city since we arrived so early. But by 6 pm, we were walking zombies around the city of lights…it was naptime. I think we all crashed so hard, we were left with no sense of time or place. He and I both woke up just before midnight and he asked if I wanted to go for a walk. A walk around Paris at midnight? YES PLEASE! We took the 12 minute walk up hill to Sacre Couer to talk about our relationship, where we had come from and what brought us here.

In after talking for a bit, understanding each other through words and while overlooking the city of Paris, he led me to the steps of

Just moments after he asked...

Just moments after he asked…

Sacre Couer, got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife. I cried. I ugly cried. You know what I’m talking about. He presented me with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. All my hoping of this moment was nothing compared to that feeling, that choosing of one another, the joy that comes in the moment of knowing “he is mine and I am his.” The we got to spend and entire week in Paris, being engaged in the most romantic city in the world. It was magical.

One of the most beautiful recollections I have of our earliest days of dating was his pursuit. The journey that led to us dating is full of some bumps, thats for sure. But he pursued me, even when I gave him plenty of reasons not to. Even in my most unlovable times, he still loved me. His pursuit reminds me of the pursuit God has for us. A God that loves me and relentlessly pursues my heart. When I think back on those days, I am so thankful that my God gave me a tangible example of his pursuit for our hearts.

I have never been so happy in all my life. This man is my forever kind of love. My partner, my best friend, my love. I have never known a man loving, more compassionate, more caring, more smart, funnier than Steve. I am so blessed beyond measure with his presence in my life and with the absolute unexpected gift that he has been to me. He is a servant, a Godly man who captured my heart in ways I didn’t know were capturable. And now I get to marry him. I’m giddy like a school girl with a crush.

What a blessed love it is to find a gift like this.