Post Prego Love

Recently my friend Cara had a beautiful baby boy. She’s the first friend from that friend group to have a baby and a welcome one he was. Not gonna lie…still hard to fathom I’m grown up enough to have friends who are having kids. But I love being aunt Jordan to so many!

I failed on the friend wagon in getting baby Emory anything in the mail before he arrived so post delivery I decided to make a little post Prego gift love for momma and baby.

I can’t take credit for the idea, as I saw it suggested on Pinterest. But I love seeing ideas and making them my own! I present to you the first (of many) post Prego mommy box! (Because believe me, I know there will be more)


Things I included: a coffee mug for mom to enjoy the rare moment of quiet with a cup o joe, some red nail polish bc what new momma doesn’t need fabulous nails, a little notebook to record notes bc I hear pregnancy forgetfulness is no joke, lots of ghiradelli chocolate because hello, who doesn’t need chocolate when a baby is having a melt down and lastly, an adorable little onesie with a tie on the front.

And I was able to put this all together without breaking the bank. It’s the little things, folks. This is my favorite way to love.


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