The best 2 letters I’ve ever said

A year ago this fall, I got dressed up like this:IMG_0965

To go have dinner with a man who I had been relentlessly flirting with for a month at that point. I was nervous, excited and had NO idea what the year following would hold.

We had sushi IMG_0972

Then went to a movie and walked around here in Georgetown IMG_0975

He gave me these IMG_0976 (still to this day they’re my favorite socks)

Lots happened between this first date and the moment I celebrate today. Things like this: IMG_2893 Our first picture

Fast Forward to this night: IMG_0190

A night that changed everything back in April. A night where guards were let down, conversations were had and games were changed. This night of talking down by the Georgetown water front led to me saying 2 simple letters in the English language that, when put together, mean my life changed forever.


Today I am celebrating the anniversary of saying “ok” to the best man I know. He came into my life, turned it upside down in the best way and has changed it forever. I am so blessed, no words quite do it justice. For months now my blog has been quiet, as if nothing has been going on. But in reality, EVERYTHING has been going on….I have been falling more in love with a man who I can’t believe I get to call my own, who has taken me on so many adventures, who IS my greatest adventure.

Here’s to so many more babe! I love you..more than the moon and the stars ; )



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