Post Prego Love

Recently my friend Cara had a beautiful baby boy. She’s the first friend from that friend group to have a baby and a welcome one he was. Not gonna lie…still hard to fathom I’m grown up enough to have friends who are having kids. But I love being aunt Jordan to so many!

I failed on the friend wagon in getting baby Emory anything in the mail before he arrived so post delivery I decided to make a little post Prego gift love for momma and baby.

I can’t take credit for the idea, as I saw it suggested on Pinterest. But I love seeing ideas and making them my own! I present to you the first (of many) post Prego mommy box! (Because believe me, I know there will be more)


Things I included: a coffee mug for mom to enjoy the rare moment of quiet with a cup o joe, some red nail polish bc what new momma doesn’t need fabulous nails, a little notebook to record notes bc I hear pregnancy forgetfulness is no joke, lots of ghiradelli chocolate because hello, who doesn’t need chocolate when a baby is having a melt down and lastly, an adorable little onesie with a tie on the front.

And I was able to put this all together without breaking the bank. It’s the little things, folks. This is my favorite way to love.


Brings me joy…

To wrap up something pretty and send it in the mail. As a child, my favorite part of the day was checking the mail, even if I had nothing specific coming my way. A catalog could make my world. And a package? Forget about it…pure elation.

Maybe it’s my own love of mail that makes me enjoy sending it so much. This love of mail extends beyond packaging. I have an incredible love of written cards and letters. I never throw then away…yes, I have a box full under my bed and tucked in various drawers. It can take as little as five minutes to put words to paper, a 50 cent stamp (or however much they charge these days) and the effort to walk to the mailbox to completely send love and thoughts in a new way. And because I believe I serve a clever, funny and amazing God, I always tend to receive cards on just the right day, when I need it most. I like to think my cards make it to be in the same perfect timing.

I’ll never forget my 22nd bday…it was amazing for lots of reasons but my fave part was the fact that my dear friends had all written me a letter…talk about joy when I got to open those all at once!!

Anywho, it gives me great joy to send mail. Beyond cards though, and with a bit more effort, packages are my favorite. Not only do I get to send a gift, my favorite way of love, but I get to wrap it up all pretty. I get so irritated when I go to the post office and the post master takes no thought into where they slap the stickers down that mark up my small pieces of art with prices and patriotically colored us postal service tape.

I had the amazing joy of packaging up something special last night in preparation for my upcoming trip to Paris. I thought it would be nice to send a little excitement gift so I put this together:




May you each find your own unique way of loving and just pour on it everyone you know!! It’s in understanding what brings us joy that we live and love to our fullest…maybe it’s something as disguisably unimportant as mail, but I think no way of loving is too insignificant.

God gave you gifts so why not share!

Around Here

School is in full swing folks and the crispness that accompanies my favorite time of year is rustling through the air…Fall time y’all. I want to give a full recap of summer and life and all that jazz and hopefully ill get the chance here soon but I wanted to give a quick update with some pics. Life is just good : )










The best 2 letters I’ve ever said

A year ago this fall, I got dressed up like this:IMG_0965

To go have dinner with a man who I had been relentlessly flirting with for a month at that point. I was nervous, excited and had NO idea what the year following would hold.

We had sushi IMG_0972

Then went to a movie and walked around here in Georgetown IMG_0975

He gave me these IMG_0976 (still to this day they’re my favorite socks)

Lots happened between this first date and the moment I celebrate today. Things like this: IMG_2893 Our first picture

Fast Forward to this night: IMG_0190

A night that changed everything back in April. A night where guards were let down, conversations were had and games were changed. This night of talking down by the Georgetown water front led to me saying 2 simple letters in the English language that, when put together, mean my life changed forever.


Today I am celebrating the anniversary of saying “ok” to the best man I know. He came into my life, turned it upside down in the best way and has changed it forever. I am so blessed, no words quite do it justice. For months now my blog has been quiet, as if nothing has been going on. But in reality, EVERYTHING has been going on….I have been falling more in love with a man who I can’t believe I get to call my own, who has taken me on so many adventures, who IS my greatest adventure.

Here’s to so many more babe! I love you..more than the moon and the stars ; )


Breath Celebrations


Today marks the day of birth of Lacey Beth Gebhart…this woman has changed my definition of friendship.

She is amazing and words just done describe what she means to me…and just over one month today, I get to see her and celebrate in person…

All I can say is thank you sweet Jesus for the gift of her friendship, sisterhood, breath status…irreplaceable