Week in Review!

WIRjan19Okie dokey..let’s do this!! I’m finally all caught up!! woo hoo! This past week was really great. The semester is just taking off swimmingly. School kicked off last Thursday and can I just say I am THRILLED!!! I love that I love my degree program so much. I love that by May, I will have work both published in a book and ready to be submitted to film festivals. I love all the collaborations that are happening in classes and the amazing things I know I’ll gain from my peers. With that being said, I present some lovely moments from this past week:

1. I am so super behind on getting Christmas presents delivered into the right hands. I laughed at my aunt when she joked at Christmas she expected to get it by her bday which is next month…In my defense I made really adore IOU cards with a poem and everything about the gift that is soon to come…but she was right…it may make it for her birthday..if that. Anywho, I made this necklace for a friend and of course had just as much fun finding a cute way to package it up.

2. When I was in the great Arkansassy, Rach introduced me to these apples and boy oh boy are they delicious!! Stop what you’re doing and go search for them at the grocery store. And you have to do the jazz hands motion when you get them : ) They’re the perfect combo of sweet and sour.

3. I’m starting a new endeavor in 2013 called “A Letter a Week”. I will have a full post coming your way soon about this new project but this is just a snippet of a mass mailing I did..because, well, I couldn’t stick to just one this week.

4. A very special fella sent me my very own King Cake all the way from Slidell, Louisiana. It was an AMAZING surprise to come home to. He’s amazing and I’m super lucky.

5. THESE. I love stamps. Since I’ll be sending lots of letters this week, they seemed a necessity.

6. No sir. Too cold. No bueno. My thoughts: if the temperature is going to be that cold, then there should be snow. Otherwise, let’s move along to spring. Surprise, surprise I opened my blinds the next morning….

7. To find this. Not that was a wonderful site to behold.

8. My sweet Sam got me this fellow for Christmas and I just don’t know what I did without him! I shall name his Francois and he will hold my glasses all the days. He has a home on my nightstand now.

9. This semester is officially started. Its real folks. Entering into semester 2 of 4. Wowzers. That is cray. Here’s to learning new and amazing and practical and eye opening things!!

Be blessed friends and family…May your week be full of all things good.


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