Finally…I’m back and ready to ROCK!



Lord have mercy. Putting that puppy together after being gone for the past month or so was enough for me to NEVER WAIT THIS LONG TO POST AGAIN!

Wowzers, I don’t even know where to begin. The past month and some change has just been delightful. I got to spend an amazing week back home which was so FULL! Amazing time with my family. Amazing times with people I love. Good conversations. A blessed season celebrating the birth of my Savior.

Just to recap some of the highlights of those photos: making delicious chocolatey chocolate chip cookies that I added butterscotch chips to just because I could, ate my first pomegranate and got hooked, experienced just a wee bit of snow which I got to watch from inside the warmth of work, got to spend some amazing time with an amazing fella whom i love just a smidge, rang in the new year with my Breath, wrote a 3800 word paper…in a couple of days, converted my dad to a mac, discovered the new packaging of I Love Lucy which I love, flew on lots of planes….just a month full of goodness.

These are just a few of the photos that sum up that time. I’ll be back soon to wrap up the past couple of weeks. And then Friday is a NEW DAY and a fresh start!!

I have a great inkling that 2013 is going to be fantastic. This year I will turn 26. I will be in school for 12 months straight. I will run my first half marathon. I will intern with National Geographic (which has been moved to this summer instead of this spring semester..more deets to follow). I will begin my thesis project.

And those are just the things I KNOW will happen. Who knows what other amazing experiences will present themselves.

It feels good to be back : )

Even though we’re already 1 month into 2013 and I’m a little late joining the train, I hope this year has truly started to be a blessed one for each and every one of you. Gee wilikers I have so much to share but it will be reserved for another day!


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