Celebration of Kindred-ship


Almost 3 years ago, I met the fabulous Kayla Kesterson. I will never forget our first day together when, as a new staff at ASMSA, we got hot dogs at Sams. As we were wandering the store for fun we both kept making comments and the other responding with an enthusiastic “Me too!!” There was just something that whispered in my soul ‘She is gonna be a forever friend’. I had no idea the depth of that whisper or how her presence would manifest itself in my life.

Just days into becoming friends and new co-workers, we began telling deep dark secrets and following that with, “Wow, I NEVER open up so fast.” A beautiful friendship unravelled into a rare Kindred-ship. The kind that only comes around once in a lifetime. 

There are so many stories I could tell…the kind of stuff you can’t even make up, but that sounds unbelievable. My favorite story, which for us was the fate sealing of our forever friendship, happened one night when we were having a slumber party (even though we lived one floor apart). We were staying up late talking about anything and everything and I made some comment about watching the worst movie ever made. Without having ANY idea what I meant by that comment, she asks “The one with Robin Williams?” I was so dumbfounded and could only muster a shocked “YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! That’s EXACTLY the one I’m talking about!!” It was a magic moment. Kindreds ever since.

So today, though we be miles and miles apart, I am celebrating the birth of my beautiful Kindred, Kayla Kesterson as she enters into her fabulous 25th year. Words don’t do justice to describe the thankfulness I have for this lady nor to express how proud I am of her in her grad school adventures. If you get the chance to meet her, don’t pass it up. She will bless your life to the extreme.

Happy Birthday my Kindred!! Miss you so much and wish we could celebrate together and get tattoos (sans me falling flat on my back..I would wear flats, not stilettos) and go to Rolandos and then hang out in the deep south and drink sweet tea. Oh and watch Dawson’s Creek, while working on our book. Heres to years and years to come of one of the biggest blessings of a friendship I’ve ever had! Love you!

**Kayla is a fantastic writer and has a blog of her own. I recommend it for some lovely reading time: http://miparagua.blogspot.com


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  1. My gosh Kindred, you make me feel so special! You know that I love you more than I can say… I was just thinking the other day, around this time last year we were touring Cowboy Stadium for my birthday…you just have a way of making my birthday a special time. Talented to the extreme. Love you so much!

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