Week in Review!

WIRjan19Okie dokey..let’s do this!! I’m finally all caught up!! woo hoo! This past week was really great. The semester is just taking off swimmingly. School kicked off last Thursday and can I just say I am THRILLED!!! I love that I love my degree program so much. I love that by May, I will have work both published in a book and ready to be submitted to film festivals. I love all the collaborations that are happening in classes and the amazing things I know I’ll gain from my peers. With that being said, I present some lovely moments from this past week:

1. I am so super behind on getting Christmas presents delivered into the right hands. I laughed at my aunt when she joked at Christmas she expected to get it by her bday which is next month…In my defense I made really adore IOU cards with a poem and everything about the gift that is soon to come…but she was right…it may make it for her birthday..if that. Anywho, I made this necklace for a friend and of course had just as much fun finding a cute way to package it up.

2. When I was in the great Arkansassy, Rach introduced me to these apples and boy oh boy are they delicious!! Stop what you’re doing and go search for them at the grocery store. And you have to do the jazz hands motion when you get them : ) They’re the perfect combo of sweet and sour.

3. I’m starting a new endeavor in 2013 called “A Letter a Week”. I will have a full post coming your way soon about this new project but this is just a snippet of a mass mailing I did..because, well, I couldn’t stick to just one this week.

4. A very special fella sent me my very own King Cake all the way from Slidell, Louisiana. It was an AMAZING surprise to come home to. He’s amazing and I’m super lucky.

5. THESE. I love stamps. Since I’ll be sending lots of letters this week, they seemed a necessity.

6. No sir. Too cold. No bueno. My thoughts: if the temperature is going to be that cold, then there should be snow. Otherwise, let’s move along to spring. Surprise, surprise I opened my blinds the next morning….

7. To find this. Not that was a wonderful site to behold.

8. My sweet Sam got me this fellow for Christmas and I just don’t know what I did without him! I shall name his Francois and he will hold my glasses all the days. He has a home on my nightstand now.

9. This semester is officially started. Its real folks. Entering into semester 2 of 4. Wowzers. That is cray. Here’s to learning new and amazing and practical and eye opening things!!

Be blessed friends and family…May your week be full of all things good.



So I got to experience one of the coolest things this past Monday. As I’m sure everyone is aware (unless you’ve been living under a rock), President Obama was sworn into office for four more years here in DC (obv, his home lol). Anywho, I couldn’t NOT take advantage of being here in this city and NOT going downtown to witness it, because when I’m ever gonna get to do this again.

My friend Kaitlynn had some extra tickets for downtown and invited me along with her and whoa buddy, what an interesting yet amazing experience. I tell ya…it was like a gridlock of people. I don’t know that I’ve ever been around so many people in my life before. Not gonna lie…it was a little cray cray. Packed in like sardines, couldn’t really see, (or hear for that matter, thanks to all the chatter around). Near the end, we pushed through and made our way closer and enjoyed the closing prayer and National Anthem with mucho enjoyment.

Remind a bit to the Friday prior when Kaitlynn texts me and says “We also have tickets to the ball!!” I almost peed pants. So after an exhausting morning of standing and waiting and pushing through crowds, we came home and got all spiffied up. It was amazing to get all dressed up because I love a good pair of heels and get all dolled up which I never do anymore.

The ball was INCREDIBLE. Amazing performances by amazing performers…Fun was my favorite performance of the night. We were SO close!! Anywho, just wanted to share a few remaining pics from that day:IMG_2438There were just a few people there…lol..IMG_7923 IMG_7949 IMG_7945That person up there would be Beyonce belting the National Anthem. Lip Sync or not she did beautifully! (and either way I don’t get what all the fuss is about. It’s still her voice…sheesh)IMG_7946And to close with maybe my favorite part of the whole event:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/58340183″>IMG 2424-2</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user7252516″>Jordan kennedy</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

January: Reviewed

WIRjan5It’s really hard to believe there is only one week left in this beautiful month. Ya know, there is such a newness that comes with the month of January. Almost like a clean slate feeling. It’s a feeling that comes every August/September for me…a feeling of change and new. I guess it’s only fitting that such a feeling comes both at the beginning of a new year and the middle of that same year, almost like a refresher.

This month has been amazing. It started with a visit from the one and only Lacey Beth Gebhart aka my Breath. And has continued to be full. I think for 2013 that may be my one little word: Full. Not only do I want to be a woman full of grace, love and peace but I want my life to be full of adventure, community and creativity. I’ll write more about this concept of one little word later. For now, I want to dig into some small moments that have made up the last few weeks for me. Please hang tight as this may be a longer post bc I’m covering 2 specific weeks of goodness.

1. January has been a beautiful month, for the most part, except for the days of gloom and rain. On this day, though it was cold, it was beautiful. It was one of those days that got me excited for spring.

2. I was in the market for some notebooks for a bible study I’m going to begin in February (which I’m VERY excited to tell you all about soon) and when I was at Target, I couldn’t resist these fabulous confetti inspired notebooks. $3 for the whole lot. Worth it.

3. As I mentioned last night, my internship has been moved to the summer, but I have complete peace about it. I got to meet with the woman who will essentially be my supervisor and talk about what our time together will look like. They are going through some various changes which is one reason I will be working with them this summer, but one of those changes is that this now becomes a paid internship. That folks, is Jesus. I can’t explain what a blessing that is and this also means that I will be able to take a very important photo class this semester that I hated to drop. I’m very excited and it gives me something incredible to look forward to!

4. My pics are a little out of order in the grid, but I went to Arkansas on Thursday of this week and got to eat at one of my FAVORITE restaurants in all the land: Rolandos. If you ever visit Hot Springs, AR, GO THERE!!

5. While walking downtown from the Nat Geo head quarters to my Weight Watchers meeting, I saw where someone had taken advantage of wet cement and scribbled a little hello. I had to stop and say hello right back…it would’ve been rude not to.

6. I’m usually exclusively a user a Burt’s Bees. No other chap stick does it for me. But my roomie introduced me to this: Baby Lips. It’s fabulous. I also don’t really dig tinted chap stick but this stuff is great. Just a spunk of color and your lips are super soft..like babies.

7. Just wanted to show a little packaging. I love packaging. Maybe one day I’ll just get to do that all the time.

8. Yes, the Biebs is what brought me to Arkansas originally. Yes, the decibel of noise reached a new high. Yes, it reminded me of being 14 at a Backstreet Boy concert. And yes, I sang along to every song. It was a blast. And imagine our surprise when we got to our seats and saw we were THAT CLOSE. Yep…it was phenomenal.

9. I love flying. The end. Just kidding, not the end. Look at the vastness. THAT is just incredible.

WIRjan12The rest of my time in Arkansas was all about seeing people I absolutely love. Seriously, Arkansas is such a lucky state because so many unbelievable human beings call it home. I can’t even begin to describe what this week was like with these people. I don’t know the last time I had such a continuous flow of truth in my life. It made me long for friends like that here in DC. I left encouraged, blessed, prayed for and yes, full. Full of love for each and every single person you see above. Full of blessings. Full of promises from my God. Full of reminders of my worth.

There are even people not pictured above that I got to see that made this weekend amazing, like Kristen’s husband Jarod who spoke truth over me and had me in tears. And Mrs. Stephanie, a beautiful woman of God who discipled me through college and continues to tap into the cracks in my heart and pour love. Then there are the people that were in this state that I didn’t get to see. And well, those are too many to name. I had no idea when I packed up my Louisiana-ness and headed north, one state up to Arkansas when I was 18 that I would leave 6 years later with such amazing people in my life. It is mind boggling now to think that when I moved to Arkansas, I knew NONE of these people.

Isn’t that crazy? But yet, here I sit, heart of full of love and gratitude and friendships that will carry throughout my life.

Do you have people in your life who lift you up, inspire you, speak truth over you? Tell them. And if you have people in your life who weigh you down, burden you and create a restless spirit in you? Let them go. Life is too short to be weighed down by individuals who do not recognize your worth. Who do not know how absolutely precious you are. Take a long gasp of courage, and gently breathe them out.

More catch ups to come soon!!

Finally…I’m back and ready to ROCK!



Lord have mercy. Putting that puppy together after being gone for the past month or so was enough for me to NEVER WAIT THIS LONG TO POST AGAIN!

Wowzers, I don’t even know where to begin. The past month and some change has just been delightful. I got to spend an amazing week back home which was so FULL! Amazing time with my family. Amazing times with people I love. Good conversations. A blessed season celebrating the birth of my Savior.

Just to recap some of the highlights of those photos: making delicious chocolatey chocolate chip cookies that I added butterscotch chips to just because I could, ate my first pomegranate and got hooked, experienced just a wee bit of snow which I got to watch from inside the warmth of work, got to spend some amazing time with an amazing fella whom i love just a smidge, rang in the new year with my Breath, wrote a 3800 word paper…in a couple of days, converted my dad to a mac, discovered the new packaging of I Love Lucy which I love, flew on lots of planes….just a month full of goodness.

These are just a few of the photos that sum up that time. I’ll be back soon to wrap up the past couple of weeks. And then Friday is a NEW DAY and a fresh start!!

I have a great inkling that 2013 is going to be fantastic. This year I will turn 26. I will be in school for 12 months straight. I will run my first half marathon. I will intern with National Geographic (which has been moved to this summer instead of this spring semester..more deets to follow). I will begin my thesis project.

And those are just the things I KNOW will happen. Who knows what other amazing experiences will present themselves.

It feels good to be back : )

Even though we’re already 1 month into 2013 and I’m a little late joining the train, I hope this year has truly started to be a blessed one for each and every one of you. Gee wilikers I have so much to share but it will be reserved for another day!

Celebration of Kindred-ship


Almost 3 years ago, I met the fabulous Kayla Kesterson. I will never forget our first day together when, as a new staff at ASMSA, we got hot dogs at Sams. As we were wandering the store for fun we both kept making comments and the other responding with an enthusiastic “Me too!!” There was just something that whispered in my soul ‘She is gonna be a forever friend’. I had no idea the depth of that whisper or how her presence would manifest itself in my life.

Just days into becoming friends and new co-workers, we began telling deep dark secrets and following that with, “Wow, I NEVER open up so fast.” A beautiful friendship unravelled into a rare Kindred-ship. The kind that only comes around once in a lifetime. 

There are so many stories I could tell…the kind of stuff you can’t even make up, but that sounds unbelievable. My favorite story, which for us was the fate sealing of our forever friendship, happened one night when we were having a slumber party (even though we lived one floor apart). We were staying up late talking about anything and everything and I made some comment about watching the worst movie ever made. Without having ANY idea what I meant by that comment, she asks “The one with Robin Williams?” I was so dumbfounded and could only muster a shocked “YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! That’s EXACTLY the one I’m talking about!!” It was a magic moment. Kindreds ever since.

So today, though we be miles and miles apart, I am celebrating the birth of my beautiful Kindred, Kayla Kesterson as she enters into her fabulous 25th year. Words don’t do justice to describe the thankfulness I have for this lady nor to express how proud I am of her in her grad school adventures. If you get the chance to meet her, don’t pass it up. She will bless your life to the extreme.

Happy Birthday my Kindred!! Miss you so much and wish we could celebrate together and get tattoos (sans me falling flat on my back..I would wear flats, not stilettos) and go to Rolandos and then hang out in the deep south and drink sweet tea. Oh and watch Dawson’s Creek, while working on our book. Heres to years and years to come of one of the biggest blessings of a friendship I’ve ever had! Love you!

**Kayla is a fantastic writer and has a blog of her own. I recommend it for some lovely reading time: http://miparagua.blogspot.com