Gift to self


In revisiting my hope to post little snippets of Christmas goodness throughout my blog, I thought I’d pick up those hopes with a little gift I’ve given myself over the past few years.

A few years ago I started my journey to losing weight. Ive always struggled with my weight. Growing up, I always felt like I was the larger one of my friends. Ive always felt like I also struggle with follow through, which doesn’t go hand in hand with weight loss that well.

I’ve tried unsuccessfully with different attempts but when I moved to Texas in the fall of 2011, I committed to join Weight Watchers. Throughout the year that followed, I lost around 25lbs. In the photo above, theres about a 30lb difference. Since I’ve moved to DC, it’s been more of challenge to maintain but I am committed to keep it going.

I came across this photo the other day and it was the first time I had actually seen a difference. It feels good.


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