Another week, another post!




Time really does just zip right by these days. Let me tell you a story. The other day, before December had even begun, I made a nice little list of all the things I intended to post about. In fact, I was going to post every single day in December. Yep, thats right. That’s no typo…I set that as a real deal goal. Now why I thought that the end of the semester, one deemed the most difficult by my program director, was the best time to do such a thing, not to much that all of my final projects are due now-ish, is beyond me. I basically set myself up for one big massive fail. I even wrote down my daily posts and planned stuff ahead of time. Alas, dusting off and trying to maintain my weekly goal of recapping my week in pictures, that’s where I’m at. Who know’s maybe I’ll get a wild hair or give in deeper to procrastination and load you up with Christmas cheer. It’ll be a surprise : )

This past week has been fantastic for SO many reasons. I completed the projects that were due in two of my classes, which means only two final projects left. Thats the thing about art school: you don’t have final tests…you have final projects. Its not something I can cram my mind with for hours and days and then spit out on paper. No it is tangible, all time consuming pieces that started months ago. It feels so good to have my photography one out of the way. Please say a prayer as I have to turn in my final writing piece and video piece on Wednesday and Thursday. All that matters to me at this point is that by 1:20 on Thursday, all I have to do is sit back and watch and for all intensive purposes, I will be done. Praise the good Lord above. I just have to get there. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

In other super exciting news, I have a VERY exciting announcement.Which is probably not new to anyone that reads this as I put it on Facebook as soon as I found out, but alas, I shall re-share…I am the newest intern at National Geographic! I am just so excited! I will be working in the office of the president of the television channel doing all kinds of cook projects and what not. Here’s proof folks…you set your mind to something and it may not look exactly like you planned but hard work pays off!!!! I’m so blessed to have this opportunity and cant wait to see what the semester has in store! That very same day my dad found out he got this amazing job working on an air force base in Germany! So he will be moving there for 3 months in January. I am so proud of him I can hardly stand it. Ya see, when I was younger my parents always encouraged my dreams. But I wasn’t just listening to empty encouragements…I was watching them take their own advice. I watched my mom go to nursing school, a once far off dream, when she was in her thirties. I’ve watched my dad take risks and put himself out there with his job and all that work has paid off. My parents teach by example in so many ways. I know love is real because I see them. And I’ve watched it be hard work but they’ve taught me you don’t just throw things away…you fight. Those Kennedy’s (and once a Crain)…they’re strong folk.

Oh I’ve jabbered along so much. Let’s get right to it. This week’s format is a little different…a few photos down will explain why….


I tried real hard to be productive last weekend. I even took my iPad to Panera to get some writing done. It was hardly successful.



My Aunt Sam got me this ring. I love it and think of her when I wear it.


So this. Yes. OF COURSE my computer’s hard drive has to be replaced right as finals start. OF COURSE I have to do ALL my work on my computer. Thank GOD for my place of employment who TOTALLY took care of me. Also thanks Apple Care. I got a brand new hard drive that didn’t cost a penny. And thankfully I had backed up everything on my computer so after about 5 hours, it all was restored. However, in that process, something happened to my photoshop and it won’t open anymore aka no grid for my photos this week. Hopefully next week though!


The Bible app by YouVersion is AMAZING if you have an iPhone or iPad. And its free!! I’m doing a daily devotional called “She reads truth” which is an advent reading. So good. This was the end of my devo the other day. It was so fitting in the chaos I was feeling with school.


This is what my classmates and I do to get ready for our final critique…have an editing party. We printed out all possible photos, spread them out on the floor, and wittled down to the 25 images we had to show and defend the next day. Then we put them in an order that created a cohesive experience. That’s a peak of my final, by the way! I was very pleased with how it turned out.


My bed is really REALLY hard to get out of in the mornings. Just saying.



This is my friend TJ. We’re classmates and had a hoot of a sleepover last weekend. We had this awesome assignment for our seminar class to photograph the life of a classmate in 5 images. (Fabulous Five, if you will) TJ got me. Our teacher has this hilarious notion that your best images coming from sleeping with your subject. And not how it sounds. Not that  kind of “sleep”. I have to tell you it was such a unique experience being photographed. I have a really almost non-existant ability to have someone in my home and not feel the urge to entertain. I didn’t know how to let him be a fly on the wall. It was an incredible experience in understanding how a possible subject might feel.


I got to experience this GORGEOUS sunset on a drive the other day. This is a really beautiful area.



I made this notebook to put all my ideas for the blog in. I’ve got some good ones. Now to just find the time : )

Have a blessed weeks friends…and stay tuned…I really do have fun Christmas-y things to post!



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