Reviewing my week on time!!



Greetings friends and family!! I hope your week has been absolutely wonderful. Time really seems to just fly by these days. Literally. As if each leaf I see falling to the ground was a minute or hour, just floating by. And let’s be honest, I see that a lot because I believe winter is gearing up to butt its harshness into our lives here in DC this year. It’s quite beautiful, though..all the colorful leaves just lining the streets, especially in Georgetown. Fall (my favorite season) seems to be the shortest of them all. And just as soon as pumpkin spice candles are everywhere, they are replaced with gingerbread and evergreen scented ones. And I’m not complaining, as I am a girl who will listen to Christmas music year round but still its just funny how those things change for us, ya know?

I’m in final project mode. While I would not trade or change my course of study for ANY THING, it is important to note that “finals” are not a series of tests for those of us at art school. No sir. It is a series of projects. Very lengthy, time consuming projects. So a night of “cramming” doesn’t really exist but rather weeks of work that make up a greater whole. It is important to note that 2 weeks from this very day everything I have to do will be done, except for present one multimedia component to my writing piece. But the big stuff will be complete. Just two weeks…thats hardly no time in the grand scheme of things. What is MORE important to note is that 19 days from tomorrow, I will be home. Sweet, precious southern Louisiana home. Every part of who I am is ready for this break. It’s so funny what this idea and meaning of home evolves into the older I get. When I was in high school, it was a place I didn’t want to be. Oh, and let me clarify. By place, I mean Louisiana. Not home. I have always loved being in my home. But I find myself longing for it more and more. I am proud that that is where I will be returning to in less than 3 weeks.

I plan to cuddle by the fire and read for pleasure (as the rest of my Christmas break will be spent catching up on all the reading I didn’t do this semester). I plan to cuddle (and annoy) Tinkerbell….I mean, Thumbelina, our dog. I anticipate baking with my mom. And talking about everything under the sun with my parentals. I get to see some very special people. It is just going to be a good time overall. I love Christmas. Let’s dive into the week!

1. Last weekend was crazy and exhausting. But AWESOME. So over a month ago, a coworker approached me and asked if I’d be willing to do a photoshoot of a band that would he would be doing a recording for. I said yes, jumping at the opportunity to do something new. A few weeks pass and we get our final video assignment and I said, let me go ahead and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. As you all know, I work all the live long day. And if you know any creative types, you know their peak hours are in the wee hours (how many times have I stayed up all night with Melissa Crain?). So let me give you a rundown of my weekend. I worked 12-9 on Saturday. Went directly to meet this band with whom I was with until 5:45 Sunday morning. Came home and cleaned and left for work around 7:30 for an 8am meeting, which lasted until 10. Then work until 7:30. But you know, I came home and breathed the biggest sigh of relief because I DID IT! And I got all the footage I need for a SWEET final video project. The group was fabulous and super fun to hang out with. Go check them out here at their Facebook page: My Worst Critic.

2. Its that time of year folks. Butter cookies in tins. Couldn’t pass up a $1 tin of my fave cookies…the pretzel shapes with sprinkles are my FAVE.

3. I was folding laundry and it became quite evident that I have a love for socks. Call it a problem if you must but I just like my feet to have a party in my shoes.

4. Christmas present making is in full swing. At least in my head because that’s where all the ideas are. I have tons to do and make and I’m hoping to make serious progress this weekend. Don’t you wish you knew what is to come of that thread?!

5. “Christmas time is here……..” yes, I typed that as if it were Charlie Brown…or in my uncle Bill Miller’s singing rendition. I have been looking forward to putting this baby up for weeks!! I even waited until after Thanksgiving! (even though before was my preference) My roomies and I jingled to Christmas music, sang along and hung up our stockings with care. It was a blast. And now we have this beauty filling our living room with love.

6. My friend Amy and I had a Christmas card photo shoot the other day. The fabulous thing about being in a photography program is that I’m constantly surrounded by AMAZING photographers. As we were wrapping up and heading to the card, we noticed how beautiful the Tidal Basin looked as the sun was setting. Tres jolie!

7. I’ve been staring at this a lot. A blank sheet of paper and a blinking cursor. My writer’s block has really been at an extreme high these days. It feels similar to when I couldn’t even lift my camera when I arrived in DC, which was a miserable feeling. I think I am struggling with the piece I’m working on now because its a similar style as my final piece which just overwhelms. I gotta make it work as Tim Gunn says!! (and since he graduated from my college, this must be a good place to figure out what that means!)

8. This is a to do list I put on my mirror a couple of weeks back. A few things have been crossed off but I still have quite a bit to do. I broke it up by class and made it pretty detailed that way I can still feel like Im accomplishing stuff along the way. Plus I just really love crossing things off a to do list.

9. My meals have been a little wonky these days. For example, I ate this for lunch the other day. And for 4 meals this week, I have had a quarter of a baguette with goat cheese. I love goat cheese. And I love sweet potato fries. Yum Yum.

I have some specific prayer requests that I’d really appreciate your prayers on:

…..that I have vision and inspiration to complete my final projects

…..that my writing block be lifted

… I apply for spring internships (there are some exciting options and I just want to experience everything I can here!)

…..that I stop in breathe in moments of anxiety instead of being overcome by it

Thank you all so much! Blessings upon the start of your December!


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