Week in Review

Things this week has reminded me: my God is in control.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. I found myself at home alone last Friday night and not wanting to stay that way, ventured to Home Goods for a little gander. I left with this gem. I am a sucker for candles, specifically WoodWick candles I can find on sale, like this one. The scent is Holiday Greeting and talk about Christmas in a jar. My whole room has smelt festive ever since.

2. After my exciting outing, I came home and made myself quite the little feast. Talk about scrumptious. My friend Olivia taught me how she makes salmon. It’s gonna sound a little weird but just hear me out. A simple salmon filet covered with soy sauce and maple syrup. (I used regular pancake syrup bc the maple syrup was a little too pricey at the grocery store). While cooking, it becomes this delicious glaze. Melt in your mouth DELICIOUS!! Then I tossed some asparagus in some olive oil on a cookie sheet and after baking for about 15 minutes threw on some feta cheese and let it cook a little more. All the while, I make some jasmine rice on the side…I ate good that night!

3.On a lunch break at work, I wandered into Anthropologie ( a super dangerous and hazardous venture) and was so please with myself because for over a year now, I’ve been eyeing these fabric letters and wouldn’t you know they marked them down significantly in price AND just so happened to have my initials. Hot dog!

4. Found this lovely poster in Urban Outfitters the other day and just cracked up. I love everything it says. You can find it here.

5. I proudly did one of my duties as an American citizen on Tuesday and it felt good. This is officially my second time to vote in a presidential election and I am proud to do so.

6. I made an election day smoothie to start my day and let me tell you: SCRUMPTIOUS. Easy peasy: On the night before, Freeze a banana. Make sure to peel it first. The next morning, I included half of said banana, a handful of frozen strawberries and about 2 tablespoons of frozen orange juice (the kind you buy in a can) with about 2 tbsp of non fat greek yogurt. Blend to perfection and voila…deliciousness.

7. Baking is one of my favorite things and I got to combine that with, yes, you guessed it, my love of sending mail this week. But I’m not gonna lie…I ate one. Or three.

8. Something crafty is a brewing!!!!! More peaks soon!!!

9. And yes, it is that time again. Gone are the pumpkin spice lattes and now are the peppermint hot chocolates…it’s my first hot chocolate of the season. Talk about soothing.



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