Use Your Voice!!!


It is NOT TOO LATE!!! One of our biggest freedoms in this country is having the opportunity to vote for who will lead our country as President.

I don’t care who you vote for or what your thoughts are on politics. But we have been given a gift. A gift to speak up and provoke change.

I will never personally speak about my personal political beliefs because I just don’t feel like this is the platform for that…that is a choice I make.

I will, however, encourage each and every person to make an informed decision and exercise your RIGHT to vote.


Be brave. Be bold. Speak Up. Vote.

And more importantly, rather than whining about who remains or becomes our president, let’s commit to simply raise up as a voice of prayer for that person. That they may have discernment and direction in leading this nation. Speaking harshly achieves nothing. Commit to lift them up to the One whose will will be done anyway.


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