Week in Review!!


What a week! Certainly went differently than I imagined. I embarrassingly didn’t see what the fuss was about over something called Hurricane Sandy but boy was that ignorant on my part. Believe me, moving from Louisiana, the LAST thing I expected to experience was a hurricane up here in DC. It closed down school for 2 days and work for for 1. It was a nice (and lazy) extended vacation…we were super blessed with just wind and rain…no power outage or anything. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost so much in this storm. It is absolutely unbelievable to me that it is already November…just 2 weeks from this upcoming Monday, my aunt Mo and mawmaw will be here to celebrate Thanksgiving with me and I couldn’t be more excited about their arrival…Those are two very special ladies to me. To think that I really only have less than a month to start wrapping up final projects and such is really astonishing…I’ve almost made it yall!!! My first semester!! I can’t wait to share my semester photo project with yall!

On a side note, I have to say my sleep schedule has been a bit wonky this past week. One of the best parts of Rachael’s vacation here is that it was exactly that..a vacation for us BOTH! Let’s be honest, we could’ve stayed in our pjs the entire time she was here and just talked, which we did do quite a bit. But we also slept in. My body is not good at recognizing “Ok, that was an exception and is therefore unacceptable in the real world.” Good Lord, who have I become. Needless to say getting up early on days that start later has been a challenge. And I’m afraid its messed me up…but only temporarily. The fact that I got 3 hours of sleep last night and had to be at work at 5 am did not help one little bit. I ran some errands and made it home around 5:00 and took a little 2 hour nap…but here it is 1:30 in the morning and I’m wide eyed and bushy tailed…thank goodness we fall back tomorrow night!! Now onto the week!!

1. This is one of my fave pics from the weekend. We had the best time. It is truly a blessing to have friends like her…she is an incredible lady who adds so much joy to my life. Now I’m going to share another pic from our time together which is actually a still shot from some of the bloopers from our video. Before you view it, let me preface: no alcohol was consumed in the taking of this photo. We can’t be serious for anything, so trying to do so with a purpose is even harder. This clip didn’t make it into the final music video but we were trying to be serious over a glass of wine, talking about our broken hearts… we were never meant to be actresses because every five minutes would be this:

Seriously couldn’t stop laughing. And seeing as our regular time together is like this a lot, I just had to include it. I promise we weren’t drunk nor had consumed a drop..we really were just that funny

2. We ventured to a conveyor belt sushi place located in Union Station for dinner last Saturday and it was quite an experience! Unfortunately we go there 25ish minutes before they closed so the selection wasn’t fantastic. But I would certainly go back at a different time of day. It’s called Yo Sushi and is tucked away in this little part of the station (which is a beautiful monument in itself).If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, essentially, you grab the items you want off the belt and each plate is color coordinated, with each color representing a price. If you’re not careful, that tab will add up quick! But they have all you can miso soup for $2 and water on tap at each table (you would’ve loved that part dad!), so I say it’s a win.

3. Perhaps the title of my blog should actually be “Jordan Loves Mail”. My mom is incredible and sent me my own care package of fall, complete with fresh sweet potatoes and oranges and lemons from our little garden at home. It blessed my day literally right before it got super rainy outside…certainly brightened up my day!

4. It was super dreary when I woke up Monday morning which is when we were anticipated to get the worst of the storm. My roomie and I did a little dance the night before when we realized we had no school or work the next day so we slept in and did that hurricane Louisiana style…starting with chinese food delivery. It was scrumptious.

5. Just a little peak at the dreariness.

6. Once upon a time I was cutting up cantaloupe and my knife missed. Rude.

7. Obviously this week was Halloween and geez, it has been a while since I dressed up. Maybe I’ll go big next year because there is so much going on around this city. One of the funniest things a couple of weeks back happened while I was at work. To promote a local haunted house (which is so totally not even close to my scene), a group of people were so realistically dressed up, head to toe as zombies and they were just walking around Georgetown, walking up to people scaring the be-jesus out of people. I probably would’ve peed pants. Rachael and I got an eyefull of people as we went around filming our music video Saturday night but folks, if you don’t know, I’m an intense dog lover (with massive dog fever right now) and my heart strings just get pulled when I see a dog in costume. (even though I’m confident that is why they hate humans) This little “hot dog” came to the store on Halloween and was just adorable. (random: on Sunday I actually filmed a doggie costume contest and a woman brought her pup dressed up at “Mutt Romney”…bahahaha)

8. I had heard of this place called Pie Sisters several times but never knew exactly where to find it in Georgetown. When I discovered there was a Scoutmob discount of 50% off (!!!!!), I made it a mission to give it a taste. I was particularly craving my mawmaw’s one and only chocolate pie so I originally went in search of something to fill that craving..but then I saw this. Chocolate Bourban Pecan pie…it was just so so tasty!! With the Scoutmob discount, it was about $2.50ish with tax. I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to pay the full almost $6 for one slice, even though it is a good size helping (i ate it in 2 sittings). But if you’re ever in Georgetown, check it out!! And if you are familiar with Scoutmob, it is a FANTASTIC app if you live in a larger city. There’s just a handful of cities on the app, but it essentially gives you 50-100% discounts at any kind of cuisine place you can imagine. I think its a great way to see the city, try something new and get a deal (by now yall should know how I feel about deals..every little bit counts!)

9. I feel like I do a lot of promoting on this here blog…while everything I state here is purely my opinion, what can I say…I’m biased. If you are a creative type or really enjoy typography and have an iPad, i HIGHLY recommend an app called iFontmaker. It is so fun!! It essentially walks you through creating your own font. I’ll review this a little more extensively later on so you can get a better idea of how it operates but I have been incredibly pleased so far. Plus its just fun and stretches you creatively!

Well, loved ones, I must scoot to bed if I’m ever going to get up to go for a run before work..that half marathon is gonna be here before I know it!! I’ve got some exciting things and experiences to share so soon, because lots of exciting things happened this week, so stay tuned! Be blessed sweet friends!


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