Reviewing my week on time!!



Greetings friends and family!! I hope your week has been absolutely wonderful. Time really seems to just fly by these days. Literally. As if each leaf I see falling to the ground was a minute or hour, just floating by. And let’s be honest, I see that a lot because I believe winter is gearing up to butt its harshness into our lives here in DC this year. It’s quite beautiful, though..all the colorful leaves just lining the streets, especially in Georgetown. Fall (my favorite season) seems to be the shortest of them all. And just as soon as pumpkin spice candles are everywhere, they are replaced with gingerbread and evergreen scented ones. And I’m not complaining, as I am a girl who will listen to Christmas music year round but still its just funny how those things change for us, ya know?

I’m in final project mode. While I would not trade or change my course of study for ANY THING, it is important to note that “finals” are not a series of tests for those of us at art school. No sir. It is a series of projects. Very lengthy, time consuming projects. So a night of “cramming” doesn’t really exist but rather weeks of work that make up a greater whole. It is important to note that 2 weeks from this very day everything I have to do will be done, except for present one multimedia component to my writing piece. But the big stuff will be complete. Just two weeks…thats hardly no time in the grand scheme of things. What is MORE important to note is that 19 days from tomorrow, I will be home. Sweet, precious southern Louisiana home. Every part of who I am is ready for this break. It’s so funny what this idea and meaning of home evolves into the older I get. When I was in high school, it was a place I didn’t want to be. Oh, and let me clarify. By place, I mean Louisiana. Not home. I have always loved being in my home. But I find myself longing for it more and more. I am proud that that is where I will be returning to in less than 3 weeks.

I plan to cuddle by the fire and read for pleasure (as the rest of my Christmas break will be spent catching up on all the reading I didn’t do this semester). I plan to cuddle (and annoy) Tinkerbell….I mean, Thumbelina, our dog. I anticipate baking with my mom. And talking about everything under the sun with my parentals. I get to see some very special people. It is just going to be a good time overall. I love Christmas. Let’s dive into the week!

1. Last weekend was crazy and exhausting. But AWESOME. So over a month ago, a coworker approached me and asked if I’d be willing to do a photoshoot of a band that would he would be doing a recording for. I said yes, jumping at the opportunity to do something new. A few weeks pass and we get our final video assignment and I said, let me go ahead and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. As you all know, I work all the live long day. And if you know any creative types, you know their peak hours are in the wee hours (how many times have I stayed up all night with Melissa Crain?). So let me give you a rundown of my weekend. I worked 12-9 on Saturday. Went directly to meet this band with whom I was with until 5:45 Sunday morning. Came home and cleaned and left for work around 7:30 for an 8am meeting, which lasted until 10. Then work until 7:30. But you know, I came home and breathed the biggest sigh of relief because I DID IT! And I got all the footage I need for a SWEET final video project. The group was fabulous and super fun to hang out with. Go check them out here at their Facebook page: My Worst Critic.

2. Its that time of year folks. Butter cookies in tins. Couldn’t pass up a $1 tin of my fave cookies…the pretzel shapes with sprinkles are my FAVE.

3. I was folding laundry and it became quite evident that I have a love for socks. Call it a problem if you must but I just like my feet to have a party in my shoes.

4. Christmas present making is in full swing. At least in my head because that’s where all the ideas are. I have tons to do and make and I’m hoping to make serious progress this weekend. Don’t you wish you knew what is to come of that thread?!

5. “Christmas time is here……..” yes, I typed that as if it were Charlie Brown…or in my uncle Bill Miller’s singing rendition. I have been looking forward to putting this baby up for weeks!! I even waited until after Thanksgiving! (even though before was my preference) My roomies and I jingled to Christmas music, sang along and hung up our stockings with care. It was a blast. And now we have this beauty filling our living room with love.

6. My friend Amy and I had a Christmas card photo shoot the other day. The fabulous thing about being in a photography program is that I’m constantly surrounded by AMAZING photographers. As we were wrapping up and heading to the card, we noticed how beautiful the Tidal Basin looked as the sun was setting. Tres jolie!

7. I’ve been staring at this a lot. A blank sheet of paper and a blinking cursor. My writer’s block has really been at an extreme high these days. It feels similar to when I couldn’t even lift my camera when I arrived in DC, which was a miserable feeling. I think I am struggling with the piece I’m working on now because its a similar style as my final piece which just overwhelms. I gotta make it work as Tim Gunn says!! (and since he graduated from my college, this must be a good place to figure out what that means!)

8. This is a to do list I put on my mirror a couple of weeks back. A few things have been crossed off but I still have quite a bit to do. I broke it up by class and made it pretty detailed that way I can still feel like Im accomplishing stuff along the way. Plus I just really love crossing things off a to do list.

9. My meals have been a little wonky these days. For example, I ate this for lunch the other day. And for 4 meals this week, I have had a quarter of a baguette with goat cheese. I love goat cheese. And I love sweet potato fries. Yum Yum.

I have some specific prayer requests that I’d really appreciate your prayers on:

…..that I have vision and inspiration to complete my final projects

…..that my writing block be lifted

… I apply for spring internships (there are some exciting options and I just want to experience everything I can here!)

…..that I stop in breathe in moments of anxiety instead of being overcome by it

Thank you all so much! Blessings upon the start of your December!


Blog Party!! Woot woot!

Today is the fabulous and beautiful Rachael’s birthday…the big 2-5!! And since I can’t be there to celebrate with her in person, I thought I’d have a little blog party for her!

This is one of my fave pics from the early days of our friendship:


Rachael is one of those few people I’ve described in ear lier posts as an insta-friend. She just has this spirit about her that welcomes people into her life and that says “I’m a keeper”.

She is humble and hilarious with ridiculous west coast charm.

She is so smart and has amazing things to say about this world we live in.

And over the past few years, she has become one of my absolute dearest friends. If you ever get to meet her, you’ll know why I love her so dearly and can’t imagine not having her friendship in my life.

Happiest of birthdays my sweet friend!!! Now go rent a car because you can do so now with no fees!!!

Thanksgiving Week was so FULL!!


Hey peeps!! I won’t be going to deep in text with this post. Just wanted to share some of my favorite pics from last week as well as some of my faves from Thanksgiving day. I had an amazing week with my family. There truly is just nothing like it. We did some site seeing (the Newseum, National Building Museum and the Roosevelt Memorial, to be exact). Ate delicious food, saw Lincoln in theaters Thanksgiving night (such a good movie. I HIGHLY recommend) and just overall had an amazing time together. I plan to have some special stuff on here for the month of December, as anyone who knows me is aware that Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE holiday. Hope your week left you with much to be thankful for. We’re so blessed friends! Heres to another great one!






So much to be thankful for…


I believe that everyday we should show our gratitude for the simple fact that we have breath. It is so easy to get caught up in the ho hum of life and forget what we have to be thankful for.

Today, I am thankful for

… Both blood and life given, all a gift to my heart.



…..that I know what it means to have a home.

…..most importantly, for a God who crafted me, who truly knows me, who loves me DESPITE me, who saved me.

This list could go on and on, but those are just a few. This is a blessed life we live folks. Don’t waste a second of it. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Oopsie Daisy..having too much fun living!

I hate that I am so far into this week and still haven’t reviewed my photos from last week with y’all. Believe me, it was a full one folks!! Do you ever have weeks or days where you’re just like “If I can just get through _____________ <– insert big assignment, test, long day at work..whatever, then I can be home free.” That’s how it was last week. I had so much to do on Thursday for class and had just kind of let it pile way too high for my liking..I knew that if I could just make it to Thursday night around 11:00, all my stuff would be turned in and I could breathe easy and look forward to the fun I had planned for the next day. And guess what…I made it!

After Thursday, I now have 3 very large, albeit tangible and manageable final projects due in the next 3 weeks…not too mention several small assignments sprinkled throughout that and lots of reading. I feel like Thomas the train: “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”. I just have to push through. But I have confidence in my God to be my strength. And semi-confidence in myself to balance it all. You should see my mirror right now: there is a list a mile long of things to do before I am able to step on that plane home on Dec. 19th. It’s going to be here before I know it.

For now, I am having an AMAZING time with my Mawmaw and aunt Mo. Plenty of pictures will come this weekend. But for now, I present the happenings of life last week : )


1. One of our assignments for my video class was a time-lapse video. Which was so fun but EXTREMELY time consuming. But its ok because I got to hang out in some pretty cool places getting my footage. One such place was the Jefferson Memorial. I decided to include my time-lapse below:

<p><a href=”″>Untitled</a&gt; from <a href=”″>Jordan kennedy</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

It’s just my first try. I hope to do a lot more because it’s just very fun. If you can make it through the first 20 seconds, I promise it gets more exciting.

2. When I was leaving the memorial, which I staked out through sunset, I just couldn’t help but have my breath stolen a bit at this site. This is truly a beautiful city.

3. My friend Katie and I, along with a brief visit from my friend Kaitlynn, made it to the annual Crafty Bastards holiday craft show. What a hoot that was. We had so much fun and I walked away with some pretty cool Christmas gifts. That’s the thing about this city…there is ALWAYS something going on. I’ve added to my bucket list to have a booth in this craft show next year. Life’s too short not to dream big, right?

4. Last week was also super crazy because it was Fotoweek DC which meant there were tons of lectures and gallery openings and seminars on photography all over the city. Way cool. I love seeing how people are making their visions reality. Its a very challenging yet humbling community to be a part of. Who knows, maybe I will have some photography displayed there one day. I got to attend some amazing seminars by some big name photographers which was incredibly inspiring. And the photographer at large at Blurb gave a day long workshop. If you ever need to make a photo book for anything, I HIGHLY recommend Blurb. Amazing company.

5. I received this gem this week. A classmate graciously let me borrow hers last week for a photo shoot and I loved it. I’m pretty excited about having one of my own now.

6. As you all know, j’adore mail. One of my favorite sweet baby angels, Calvin, sent me the most PRECIOUS care package this week. I cried when I read his letter. And get to represent Texas in a new way now thanks to my super fabulous UT mug and snowman. Adore him.

7. Those beautiful leaves that I love so much are coming off the trees in droves. Enjoying their color before its all gone. I have a feeling its going to be a crazy cold winter that is a bit void of color and full of bleakness. Thankfully my motto tends to be “Life is too short not to wear color” so I’ll make sure to remain as colorful as I can in bleakness.

8. and 9. These two kind of go together, because they’re part of the same evening. I had some of the most delicious sushi ever on Friday night. It was in this little hole in the wall place that sits like 15 people. So scrumptious and if you ever come to visit me and like sushi, we will DEFINITELY go there. I also received a gift this evening. These fabulous pink wool socks from J. Crew. I was ridiculously blessed by this gesture and let me tell you…they keep my feet super warm.

I would love to share a couple of other photos from the week:


**love this girl and HATE that she is so far away from me. So thankful for FaceTime and pray for the day we get to be in the same place again.


**Along the Potomac River in Georgetown, they have decorated lots of trees with Christmas lights and I just have to say…it looks like a magical land.

I hope you all have an incredible week full of all things you’re thankful for. Be blessed sweet friends!

Week in Review

Things this week has reminded me: my God is in control.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. I found myself at home alone last Friday night and not wanting to stay that way, ventured to Home Goods for a little gander. I left with this gem. I am a sucker for candles, specifically WoodWick candles I can find on sale, like this one. The scent is Holiday Greeting and talk about Christmas in a jar. My whole room has smelt festive ever since.

2. After my exciting outing, I came home and made myself quite the little feast. Talk about scrumptious. My friend Olivia taught me how she makes salmon. It’s gonna sound a little weird but just hear me out. A simple salmon filet covered with soy sauce and maple syrup. (I used regular pancake syrup bc the maple syrup was a little too pricey at the grocery store). While cooking, it becomes this delicious glaze. Melt in your mouth DELICIOUS!! Then I tossed some asparagus in some olive oil on a cookie sheet and after baking for about 15 minutes threw on some feta cheese and let it cook a little more. All the while, I make some jasmine rice on the side…I ate good that night!

3.On a lunch break at work, I wandered into Anthropologie ( a super dangerous and hazardous venture) and was so please with myself because for over a year now, I’ve been eyeing these fabric letters and wouldn’t you know they marked them down significantly in price AND just so happened to have my initials. Hot dog!

4. Found this lovely poster in Urban Outfitters the other day and just cracked up. I love everything it says. You can find it here.

5. I proudly did one of my duties as an American citizen on Tuesday and it felt good. This is officially my second time to vote in a presidential election and I am proud to do so.

6. I made an election day smoothie to start my day and let me tell you: SCRUMPTIOUS. Easy peasy: On the night before, Freeze a banana. Make sure to peel it first. The next morning, I included half of said banana, a handful of frozen strawberries and about 2 tablespoons of frozen orange juice (the kind you buy in a can) with about 2 tbsp of non fat greek yogurt. Blend to perfection and voila…deliciousness.

7. Baking is one of my favorite things and I got to combine that with, yes, you guessed it, my love of sending mail this week. But I’m not gonna lie…I ate one. Or three.

8. Something crafty is a brewing!!!!! More peaks soon!!!

9. And yes, it is that time again. Gone are the pumpkin spice lattes and now are the peppermint hot chocolates…it’s my first hot chocolate of the season. Talk about soothing.


Use Your Voice!!!


It is NOT TOO LATE!!! One of our biggest freedoms in this country is having the opportunity to vote for who will lead our country as President.

I don’t care who you vote for or what your thoughts are on politics. But we have been given a gift. A gift to speak up and provoke change.

I will never personally speak about my personal political beliefs because I just don’t feel like this is the platform for that…that is a choice I make.

I will, however, encourage each and every person to make an informed decision and exercise your RIGHT to vote.


Be brave. Be bold. Speak Up. Vote.

And more importantly, rather than whining about who remains or becomes our president, let’s commit to simply raise up as a voice of prayer for that person. That they may have discernment and direction in leading this nation. Speaking harshly achieves nothing. Commit to lift them up to the One whose will will be done anyway.

Week in Review!!


What a week! Certainly went differently than I imagined. I embarrassingly didn’t see what the fuss was about over something called Hurricane Sandy but boy was that ignorant on my part. Believe me, moving from Louisiana, the LAST thing I expected to experience was a hurricane up here in DC. It closed down school for 2 days and work for for 1. It was a nice (and lazy) extended vacation…we were super blessed with just wind and rain…no power outage or anything. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost so much in this storm. It is absolutely unbelievable to me that it is already November…just 2 weeks from this upcoming Monday, my aunt Mo and mawmaw will be here to celebrate Thanksgiving with me and I couldn’t be more excited about their arrival…Those are two very special ladies to me. To think that I really only have less than a month to start wrapping up final projects and such is really astonishing…I’ve almost made it yall!!! My first semester!! I can’t wait to share my semester photo project with yall!

On a side note, I have to say my sleep schedule has been a bit wonky this past week. One of the best parts of Rachael’s vacation here is that it was exactly that..a vacation for us BOTH! Let’s be honest, we could’ve stayed in our pjs the entire time she was here and just talked, which we did do quite a bit. But we also slept in. My body is not good at recognizing “Ok, that was an exception and is therefore unacceptable in the real world.” Good Lord, who have I become. Needless to say getting up early on days that start later has been a challenge. And I’m afraid its messed me up…but only temporarily. The fact that I got 3 hours of sleep last night and had to be at work at 5 am did not help one little bit. I ran some errands and made it home around 5:00 and took a little 2 hour nap…but here it is 1:30 in the morning and I’m wide eyed and bushy tailed…thank goodness we fall back tomorrow night!! Now onto the week!!

1. This is one of my fave pics from the weekend. We had the best time. It is truly a blessing to have friends like her…she is an incredible lady who adds so much joy to my life. Now I’m going to share another pic from our time together which is actually a still shot from some of the bloopers from our video. Before you view it, let me preface: no alcohol was consumed in the taking of this photo. We can’t be serious for anything, so trying to do so with a purpose is even harder. This clip didn’t make it into the final music video but we were trying to be serious over a glass of wine, talking about our broken hearts… we were never meant to be actresses because every five minutes would be this:

Seriously couldn’t stop laughing. And seeing as our regular time together is like this a lot, I just had to include it. I promise we weren’t drunk nor had consumed a drop..we really were just that funny

2. We ventured to a conveyor belt sushi place located in Union Station for dinner last Saturday and it was quite an experience! Unfortunately we go there 25ish minutes before they closed so the selection wasn’t fantastic. But I would certainly go back at a different time of day. It’s called Yo Sushi and is tucked away in this little part of the station (which is a beautiful monument in itself).If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, essentially, you grab the items you want off the belt and each plate is color coordinated, with each color representing a price. If you’re not careful, that tab will add up quick! But they have all you can miso soup for $2 and water on tap at each table (you would’ve loved that part dad!), so I say it’s a win.

3. Perhaps the title of my blog should actually be “Jordan Loves Mail”. My mom is incredible and sent me my own care package of fall, complete with fresh sweet potatoes and oranges and lemons from our little garden at home. It blessed my day literally right before it got super rainy outside…certainly brightened up my day!

4. It was super dreary when I woke up Monday morning which is when we were anticipated to get the worst of the storm. My roomie and I did a little dance the night before when we realized we had no school or work the next day so we slept in and did that hurricane Louisiana style…starting with chinese food delivery. It was scrumptious.

5. Just a little peak at the dreariness.

6. Once upon a time I was cutting up cantaloupe and my knife missed. Rude.

7. Obviously this week was Halloween and geez, it has been a while since I dressed up. Maybe I’ll go big next year because there is so much going on around this city. One of the funniest things a couple of weeks back happened while I was at work. To promote a local haunted house (which is so totally not even close to my scene), a group of people were so realistically dressed up, head to toe as zombies and they were just walking around Georgetown, walking up to people scaring the be-jesus out of people. I probably would’ve peed pants. Rachael and I got an eyefull of people as we went around filming our music video Saturday night but folks, if you don’t know, I’m an intense dog lover (with massive dog fever right now) and my heart strings just get pulled when I see a dog in costume. (even though I’m confident that is why they hate humans) This little “hot dog” came to the store on Halloween and was just adorable. (random: on Sunday I actually filmed a doggie costume contest and a woman brought her pup dressed up at “Mutt Romney”…bahahaha)

8. I had heard of this place called Pie Sisters several times but never knew exactly where to find it in Georgetown. When I discovered there was a Scoutmob discount of 50% off (!!!!!), I made it a mission to give it a taste. I was particularly craving my mawmaw’s one and only chocolate pie so I originally went in search of something to fill that craving..but then I saw this. Chocolate Bourban Pecan pie…it was just so so tasty!! With the Scoutmob discount, it was about $2.50ish with tax. I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to pay the full almost $6 for one slice, even though it is a good size helping (i ate it in 2 sittings). But if you’re ever in Georgetown, check it out!! And if you are familiar with Scoutmob, it is a FANTASTIC app if you live in a larger city. There’s just a handful of cities on the app, but it essentially gives you 50-100% discounts at any kind of cuisine place you can imagine. I think its a great way to see the city, try something new and get a deal (by now yall should know how I feel about deals..every little bit counts!)

9. I feel like I do a lot of promoting on this here blog…while everything I state here is purely my opinion, what can I say…I’m biased. If you are a creative type or really enjoy typography and have an iPad, i HIGHLY recommend an app called iFontmaker. It is so fun!! It essentially walks you through creating your own font. I’ll review this a little more extensively later on so you can get a better idea of how it operates but I have been incredibly pleased so far. Plus its just fun and stretches you creatively!

Well, loved ones, I must scoot to bed if I’m ever going to get up to go for a run before work..that half marathon is gonna be here before I know it!! I’ve got some exciting things and experiences to share so soon, because lots of exciting things happened this week, so stay tuned! Be blessed sweet friends!