And a wonderful week it has been…..

Well blog friends, it has been a great week….it has flown by with so much going on which was just fine with me because I was in countdown mode for my fabulous Rachael to be here!! We have had so much fun in the 48 hours she has been here so far. She bore the pain of Thursdays in class with me…bless her heart. No one should have to take on those 9 hours of class. What a trooper. But after class, we just pulled over and hung out at the Lincoln Memorial until about 12:45ish this morning. It was so peaceful at night because there weren’t many people around and the weather was fabulous. Theres just such a sweet peace of having a bestie here with me. She needs to move here forever. I’m not going to go through every picture or give an explanation for each one like I usually do. But just a couple of highlights above: The sun can do some beautiful work after a storm, Baked & Wired is a fantastic place for pastries in Georgetown but cupcakes are NOT their thing. Stick to Sprinkles. Rach and I have made multiple trips to Old Navy and I walked away from our first trip with these adorable slippers (although I’m inclined to wear them in public). I’ve had my eye on some Uggs of the same type that are over a $100 which is just ridiculous and why I don’t own them. Well these gems from Old Navy were just a small fraction of the price and way more comfortable! WIN! And yes, we’re in DC. There is a plethora of things to do and see but that last photo is how we spent our Friday night after going to the movies to see Pitch Perfect (which is FANTASTIC and hilarious). We got all the ingredients for one heck of a spread, eating all aristocratically with wine and various cheeses…just scrumptious.

While I don’t know everything this weekend will hold as we are very live in the moment, do what we want when we want kind of ladies, the 2 things I know will be happening without a doubt: conveyor belt sushi and the making of an epic music video. Stay Tuned : )

Blessings to you all!


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