Celebrating a Fighter

I come from a long line of fighters. Strong men and women in my family who fight for what they believe, fight for those they love, and yes, even for their lives.

The woman you see here did the latter. My pawpaw passed away in October 2004; his body simply couldn’t recover from the surgery that was meant to take his cancer away. That was a really difficult time because to be honest, I kind of thought he was immortal. To see a man who was such a pillar of strength in our family be wittled away by disease did a number on my heart. But in the end, we knew that was the Lord’s healing for Him and I know I will see him again.

I have one remaining grandparent; the other three have gone onto to Glory. This woman you see is my dad’s mom. Her name is Sarah, but you can call her mawmaw. She has this incredible way of making every person that she meets feel at home and would literally invite a stranger off the street into her home for food and shelter. She makes the best friend chicken and rice and gravy you will ever taste in your life and she lives for her family.

In March of 2005, yes just months after the passing of my pawpaw, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. You can imagine that was not an easy season for my family. To say we’re not a fan of cancer is an understatement. However, she went through treatment and surgery and in 2010 was cleared completely.

I write to you celebrating the life of woman who is cancer free for 7 years now. I celebrate the life of this fighter and am thankful for the legacy of strong spirits that I have in my family. This disease has claimed the life of too many woman and I praise God hers was spared.

I hope you get the chance to meet her one day because she really is fabulous.


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