Week in Review!

 Days and weeks just tend to scoot on by these days..do you ever want to scream “SLOW DOWN!!!”? Fridays seem to keep approaching just as I finished writing my last week in review post! This week has been pretty darn good with the exception of a terrible case of the Mondays. But in this rainy Friday evening, I look back with gratitude for some big steps I took personally.
In reality, they’re not giant steps for mankind or anything but they were small victories. The biggest was my critique last night…I got a really great response from my professor and it just felt really nice to hear that I was doing something right. A little affirmation goes a really long way. I feel really good about proceeding with my project and that I’m finally going in the right direction. My other small victory was putting myself out there to get some video footage for my advanced multimedia class. It’s such a stark contrast to the beginning of the semester where I couldn’t even lift my camera to my face and now I am choosing to walk up to strangers or pull my car over if I see something interesting. There is still much bravery to grow but I am so thankful for little victories along the way.
1. I’m sure the last thing I need in my life is another commitment. However I have been given an incredible opportunity to work with the yearbook students at the Duke Ellington school for the arts in Georgetown. Have you seen Step Up? It’s like the high school straight out of that movie. I love it. I am not the primary yearbook leader but hopefully with my involvement this year, specifically with the photography students, I will walk straight into the role as leader next fall. At the first meeting I went to, I was surprised yet not surprised with how at ease I was with these students. I am just really excited about the possibility of growth and relationships there.
2. If you ever watch the TLC, you may be familiar with a show called DC Cupcakes, which takes place here is Georgetown at Georgetown Cupcake. On any given day there is a line out the door…so finally I had a moment to try what is supposed to be the best cupcake in DC. Ya know, I had mixed feelings. I tried the chocolate peanut butter cup with peanut butter buttermilk icing. The cake itself was just scrumptious; there was a little too much icing for my taste. But none the less, delicious. If you ever find yourself in Georgetown, I highly recommend Sprinkles or Baked and Wired.
3. Learning lighting. No big deal. My classes are AWESOME! (overwhelming and sometimes a massive overload of information but still fabulous)
4. My sweet kindred taught me about the joys of stopping to enjoy a piece of college and not rushing to devour it. I don’t do this with all chocolate. Just with Ghirardelli dark chocolates. Its actually quite a tragedy because WalMart and lots of grocery stores don’t sell the dark chocolate anymore. So imagine my delight when I happened upon them at a local grocery store. It’s quite a treat to eat one so I don’t want to rush it. Also, since I’m trying to limit my chocolate and unhealthy intake, I want to enjoy every moment. I have to get back in the habit of having my little corner where I just completely zone out and eat my chocolate.
5. Isn’t this tree GORGEOUS!?!? It looks like its on fire. I literally pulled over to take a picture of it. Fall is just fabulous up in these parts.
6. Once upon a time I put some sweet potato fries in the oven to bake. Then My Breath called and I got distracted. I returned to the kitchen and realized I had scorched my dinner. Whoopsie Daisy. I was really looking forward to those fries too.
7. Last Friday, my roommate Megan and I made it little trip up to her parent’s house in Maryland, not too far from Baltimore. We woke up early Saturday morning to head back because she had class and I had work but let me tell you…I was NOT prepared for frost on my windshield!! Not cool. I have a feeling this winter is going to be like none I have experienced before. I hope it snows!!
8. I really love this little giraffe necklace. Also, this was the first day I got to wear my peacoat!! (it wasn’t really necessary but I enjoyed it : )
9. I got the sweetest Halloween card from my kindred the other day. Halloween is her favorite holiday. And you all know how I feel about mail.
I realize this is a day late but let me tell yall…I slept for about 10 hours last night and it. was. AMAZING. I little squealed when I read my schedule last night and saw that I didn’t have to be at work until 1:00 today. Hallelu. This past week was the Washington Parish Free Fair  at home and while I can’t say I would’ve gone if I were home, it floods my mind with memories as I read on FB as everyone is there. There is just something about remembering the things you grew up on. Amazing memories. Be blessed this weekend!

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