Sending Some Fall Your Way

I know I’ve mentioned these two things several times, but 1)I love Fall and 2) I LOVE mail…both the sending and receiving….and as I mentioned in my baking post, I’ve been blessed with lots of friends who unfortunately are not where I can scoot to visit in my car. So I decided to send a little love via packages of care. There are so many people with whom this season is a shared experience of memories and I wanted to send a little piece of the Fall I’m experiencing now for them to have a piece of. So I thought I’d break down some key elements that I love to include in packages. If I’m being quite honest, the packaging part is just as fun for me!

But first, to recap a couple of items from the whole picture above, I just wanted to say that yes, that is a real life baby pumpkin…cutest little thing you ever did see. And that candle is my favorite for Fall…its Mulled Cider…$1 at WalMart and will make your entire house smell of Heaven

My biggest disappointments with sending baked goods is that the receiver doesn’t get it straight out of the oven and that packaging can sometimes be limited since one must preserve the freshness first and foremost. I tried my best to not forgo one for the other. After I let my loafs cool (because you never want to wrap a still hot piece of bread or cookie), I wrapped it in saran wrap. I made sure no parts were exposed to air so it wouldn’t dry out. Then it was the perfect size for a medium sized glassine bag (a supply list will be at the bottom of this post!) I bought a yard of burlap at WalMart and had some twine on hand, as one always should.

Ok first of all, you can’t have fall without candy corn. It is just little pieces of sugary goodness that melts in your mouth. So I found it crucial to include in my fall package. Are you familiar with washi tape? Let me tell you…it is just fantastic. It is a must when I package, whether larger boxes like this or small items like letters or even gifts. You can find all kinds of shapes and sizes and colors and patterns. I’m a sucker for floral and swooned a bit when I saw this. The great thing is you can use it for SO MANY THINGS! I use it to tape things on my wall (its kind of acts like blue painters tape in that it doesn’t stick to the wall). It actually is a paper tape so its super easy to use and doesn’t leave a residue. When packaging gifts for the mail or otherwise, I always keep some tags on hand. These particular ones came with the stamps you will see in a few pictures but you can find them at Staples and Office Depot. They’re great if you ever get to experience letterpress…I’ll share my tag project with you sometime! I love Glassine bags because of their opaque quality. They’re great for putting cookies in and then sewing closed. Instead of sewing, I just used a little clothes pin instead. I am as amateur as amateur gets with calligraphy but I bought a great set in New Orleans quite a few years back. You can get some great ink in FABULOUS colors at Hobby Lobby for just a couple of dollars as well…take advantage of those 40% off coupons too!!

And what is Chai-der you ask? I’m so glad you asked….my fave little bakery in Georgetown is this little hidden gem called Baked and Wired. Its a refreshing detour from more popular chains that reside around the corner. Their selections of pastries are FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! Their soccer mom bar is the best. Anywho, in the fall they make this drink. It is hot apple cider mixed with chai tea. I don’t get to enjoy those delicious smelling fall beverages from aforementioned chain coffee shops because to be quite honest, I hate coffee (maybe I’ll tell you story one day about when I applied for a job at a coffee shop and actually said I didn’t like coffee…needless to say I didn’t get a call back). But this drink? This is a drink I can get behind….

I wanted to wrap the box up as cute as I felt I constructed the inside. I pulled over on the side of the road the other day in Georgetown to pick a couple of leaves because I just couldn’t resist the bold color! I safety pinned the burlap on the bottom so it could stay in place but in retrospect I probably should’ve hot glued it closed.

Now the final wrapping is just as important to me as the inside arrangement. This is how the little box will be presented to the world!! Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but I just jump on every chance I get to use washi tape and to uniquely distinguish my packages from any other that are going to come through the Post Office that day. I’ve really started embracing imperfection and letting that add character to my packages. So is it ideal that the ink from the stamp is distributed stronger in different places than others? Maybe not. But I like it anyway. I found these stamps last year on one of my FAVORITE blogs and was thrilled when the writer started designing her own stamps (which I would LOVE to do…maybe one day!). I use my “Please Deliver To” stamp all the time and just love the words in the other one. So much truth in one little stamp. I like the way it looks against the kraft paper (my paper of choice with EVERYTHING) and also how it resembles the “fragile” and “first class” stamps that so frequently mark up the outside of our packages.

So there you have it! Below, you can see I have a nice little load to take to the post office before work the next morning!

Here are the links to where I get most of my packaging supplies:

kraft paper boxes and glassine bags

baker’s twine

washi tape here and here

**unfortunately it doesn’t look like the stamps are for sale any more but if I find out they are, I will let you know ASAP. Check out her blog though…you’ll get AMAZING packaging ideas from her!


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