Week in Review!

Guess what….its getting better. This transition? It’s slowly feeling more like my new normal. And I’m loving it. I don’t suppose it is one big thing that is solidifying this existence but rather lots of small things. My roomies and I are continuing to make our place feel more homey and a full apartment tour is coming your way soon. It was silly to think that would come together immediately. I guess the home-ier it gets, the more it feels exactly that: home. Not home in the way that Piney Branch Road is but my mid-twenties self, still navigating life kind of way. Classes aren’t getting easier nor work slowing down at all, however I’m starting to get my groove back. Like Stella.

There are still lots of things I feel in disarray that I am trying to reign in more. One day at a time, though. One day at a time. Believe it or not I couldn’t wait to go through critique tonight because I couldn’t wait to get my classmate’s feedback. Since this post is making it to the webiverse a bit early, perhaps I will share a little about my Story and Narrative assignment tomorrow. I have  a long way to go but man does it feel good to have a camera in my hand. I really felt like I was broken when I got here, with the sheer inability to put finger to shutter. Paralyzed by fear, I seriously doubted my ability to even begin. Praise the Lord for helping me overcome that hurdle.

I blessed with the gift of three days off this week. And while two of those included class, I’ve been able to get lots of work done in addition to my studies. And tomorrow I intend to do some serious baking.

Here are some snapshots from my week:

1. Once upon a time, I woke up and got ready for work and left a good 45 minutes before I had to clock in. I was fully prepared for my 6 mile morning commute that is close to a snails pace. So imagine my surprise when I saw zero brake lights as I entered onto 395 North and arrived to Georgetown in less than 15 minutes. Then it hit me. Columbus Day. Lucky for me, I had time to chitty chat with my parentals and grab a bento box from Starbucks, which worked out since I hadn’t eaten breakfast in an attempt to leave on time. I really need to start putting my phone on the other side of the room because snooze is a pointless feature these days. I just keep pushing it. Perhaps I would have time for breakfast (apparently the most important meal of the day, blah blah blah) if I woke up at the time I originally set my clock for. Shocking Concept, I know.

2. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE getting mail. These packages actually work 2 fold, because not only is it mail for me, but it contains packaging supplies that will allow me to send mail to OTHERS…something I love just as much as receiving mail!

3. I accidentally listened to Christmas music on my way home from work the other day. And even though I try to roll my eyes when I go to Walmart and already see the Christmas decorations out because YES it is way too soon, I can’t help but get a little pitter patter in my heart when I think about this glorious holiday that is not too far away. And considering it may be the last, (no thanks, to the Aztecs by the way) might as well enjoy it a few months early : )

4. As I stumbled to the kitchen as I was waking up, I opened the blinds for a little light and was struck with this remnant of summer blossom before the cold DC winter comes in and steals it away.

5. In college, I lived 5 minutes from Hobby Lobby. Talk about DANGER on my meager freshman budget, especially with those kick butt deals and my craft-prone existence. Imagine my heartache when I discovered the nearest was all the way in Maryland, a good 45 minutes away. Well, on my first day off this week, I drove my happy self straight to Maryland. It felt like I was going home as I passed under the ever familiar signage that leads me to a land that meets all of my craftastic needs. Worth every mile.

6. Just a little drive by shooting. Driving by these monuments never gets old, in case you were wondering. Sorry if they get old to your viewing eye…they’re probably going to appear many more times. I will take just a second to speak about something you may see in several of this weeks photos. For the past few weeks, my Hipstamatic app on my phone has not been working. In an Instagram obsessed world, I will choose Hipstamatic any day. All of the week in review pics I post are taken with my iPhone, so I prefer to stick to my fave app to bring you those photos. I love Hipstamatic most because you choose the settings BEFORE you take the photo instead of putting a filter over it in post-process. You can download different lens and films and mix and match them. I think I have every one ever made. I seriously get just as excited about these upgrades, which are often free, as I would getting a new lens for my fancy camera, perhaps because I have my phone with me every where I go. Anywho, I was finally able to troubleshoot and get my app to work (THANK GOODNESS!!) and was THRILLED to see a new film pack out. It’s fabulous and creates that beautiful black frame you see around several of my images. And because of the lens I use, I get blurred images, created a baby tilt shift effect. You can go here  to learn more about it…I HIGHLY recommend it for any iPhone users out there. Another app that I enjoy if I am going to use filters over my photos in post-production is Picfx. That is the app I’ve primarily used the past few weeks and also where I get the great bokeh effects (that is the dots of lights you see around some of the edges of my photos). You can learn more about this app here.

7. I stopped in TJ Maxx and Target the other day and got a STEAL of a deal on some navy tights and a fabulous fall nail color. TJ has the best selection of fall tights with the greatest part being the price. Most are $5-7 and often for 2 pair! What’s crazy that some of these brands are sold at places like Anthropologie for $20+. No thank you.

8. Could the Lord have sent that to me at a better time? Nope. Always knowing what I need to hear and when. It just made smile when I woke up to this being the verse of the day. Some times it feels like I just can’t get enough sleep, but the Lord’s strength is sufficient.

9. THE BAG. Oh gee wilikers I am so happy to say this bag is now mine (technically on permanent loan but still…) My cousin David who has impeccable style and taste got this bag. My father, of equal style and taste, saw the beauty and obviously couldn’t resist. I immediately swooned when I saw this bag 4 or 5 years ago when he got it, begging for it right away because I could never afford such a bag. It’s the type of bag that makes you never have to buy another bag if you don’t want to; the need certainly goes out the window. It’s sturdy and made of delicious leather by this incredible company called Saddleback Leather. Their products are fantastic with an even greater story to match. So anywho, I lusted after this bag for years. I’ll leave out the details of it sitting in his office and rarely getting used. He even let me borrow it for a few months my senior year in college and then took it back. So imagine my thrill and joy when he told me our preacher’s wife had found an incredible company on Etsy that made leather bags and HE GOT ONE, which CLEARLY must have hurt this bag’s feelings…and he offered it to me!!!! The most fabulous part is it can also be a backpack and that is exactly how I intend to use it. Bah I’m so excited!!! The company on Etsy has beautiful stuff as well for a much more reasonable price tag..camel leather bags made in India..you can check them out here. Thanks Allisha!!

Thank you all for lifting me up in prayer. Next week I will be introducing a new feature to the blog so stay tuned!! Have a blessed and relaxing weekend!



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