Week In Review!


Well it has been another lovely week here in DC. The start of a new month brings about cooler weather, with the promise of fall just around the corner. Well, at least that is what the weather channel predicts because it has been quite gross and humid this past week. I really thought I’d be escaping some humidity but it is still muggy and very reminiscent of home. I’m finding it harder and harder to peel myself out of bed in the mornings which I know will be an even bigger challenge when it begins staying dark later. With this new month brings a countdown to the arrival of one of the most fabulous people in my life, the beautiful Rachael. In fact, according to the countdown app on my phone, she will be here in 19 days, 8 hours, 9 minutes and 22 seconds. I mean, 13 seconds. I mean 7. Baha. Love seeing that timer just tick itself away. Not only does her visit mean seeing seeing her, it means: my semester will be half over, that I will get a 4 day vaca from work and the start of a new countdown, when Mo and Mawmaw will be here for Thanksgiving just a few weeks later. Rachael is one of those insta-friends I’ve talking about that has crated ridiculously high standards for new friends. We have so much fun planned for her visit. There is just nothing like being in the presence of people who know your heart.

I continue to fall in love with my program by the week. My classmates are incredible; so funny and RIDICULOUSLY talented. It’s an honor to be in this program with them and I can’t wait to see what the next two years brings us. I finally had a day in class where I actually felt prepared to be there and I gotta say, I like that type of living better. I hate this last minute, rushing business. Wow, who am I…that has certainly not been my motto in the past. Things I hate: being late and feeling unprepared. It’s like a brand new me. Well, on to my week in pictures!

1. The slightest hint of fall gives me reason to break out sweaters, dark nail polish and my jewel toned pants. As I was riding to Columbia Heights to meet up with some friends, I looked down and just saw fall colors. I love it.

2. I am finally, just now getting organized with all the paper I’ve been given by professors. For the cause of saving money, I decided to make some cute section dividers for the awesomely pink 3 ring binder I scored for $1 on sale at Walmart!! I love kraft paper, I love washi tape, I love letters…boom, done.

3. Fall also brings out the baker in me. While I think enjoying to cook and bake is very much in my DNA, fall also reminds me of baking with Sam and Kristen in college, specifically muffins. We would often do breakfast for dinner or make muffins just for kicks. So I got this urge decided to bring breakfast on Tuesday morning for class. I even put them in a basket and lined it with a fall themed towel. I am my mother’s child.

4. I’ve been using my iPad a lot for assignments just because it’s portable. It’s great at work and in fact, yesterday while I was getting my hair done, I completely edited and uploading to vimeo video footage in iMovie for my Advanced Multimedia class. On this night, our kitchen table was full of homeworky things, with me on one side, and Megan on the other. And on a completely nerdy side, I’m really excited because by the end of the semester I’m pretty sure my first Moleskine will be full. I rarely completely fill notebooks, unless they are journals and I’m excited at the prospect of having several Moleskines full with treasure troves of grad school notes.

5. I found this awesome desktop background as a free download online and just had to use it. You can get this same one and many more here. We all need little reminders here and there.

6. I am REALLY excited that fall is here, in case you didn’t get that message.

7. Just getting my hair did. I am now a fresh faced, goldeny brunette!

8. So several weeks ago I posted about a way too expensive macaroon I purchased from a bakery called Paul. I was so disappoint because I wanted so bad to like these beautiful little cookies I had been seeing all over the internet. But I just wasn’t impressed. And I obviously wasn’t going to go spend that kind of money on a different flavor because I was so disappointed the first time. Well, the other day when I was driving to school, I passed this little storefront in Georgetown called the Macaroon Bee that caught my eye and in that moment decided I couldn’t make up my mind yet about these bright little cookies. And oh. my. gosh. I can’t believe I ever thought about dismissing their presence in my life. After my hair appointment, I had some time to spare so I trekked up Wisconsin Ave. and walked into that shop and picked out 2: Coconut and Fleur de Sel Caramel. I had planned to take pictures of them really cute like to post on here but within 2-ish blocks I had devoured both and wished I had gotten a dozen. And the glorious thing is they were just over $1 each!! Talk about a steal! So scrumptious.

9. Got this bad boy last night. I can’t wait to start shooting on it. I think I will name him Frank. Classy like Sinatra, but with mad skills.

I do hope the weekend is full of sweater wearing, hot tea sipping fun for everyone. And I’m really excited because I’ve got some fun blog posts planned for the next week or two, so stay tuned!!



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