Weighing in on healthy…

Good morning folks! It’s a beautiful sunny Monday morning here in DC and I couldn’t be happier to have this morning off. Lots of things to cross off my to do list. As I’m sitting here at my kitchen table, I am letting a mulled cider candle burn and that smell just makes what I’m about to say official: it’s October y’all! Such a crazy thought. So much exciting-ness ahead. I have survived, even if just slightly, my first month of grad school.

As I was beginning this new chapter in DC, I was overwhelmed with just the necessities: having to take care of academics, cultivating my spiritual walk, working to provide for myself and last but not least, taking care of my health. While those are things I want to do in addition to them being necessary, those don’t include the wants of hanging out with friends or being crafty or reading for funsies…I realize those things are frivolous and not crucial to my survival but they are things that bring me joy. Things seemed a lot more difficult to balance in the beginning but somehow, I think I am getting the hang of it.

This morning I wanted to focus on the necessity of taking care of myself physically. I have been on a journey my whole life to be a healthier, and preferably thinner, version of myself. I never set boundaries for myself when I was younger and have certainly never been disciplined. In July of 2011, I officially joined Weight Watchers and have been a member ever since. At the most, I lost 25 lbs by May of this year, but gained back about 10 lbs over the summer. When I moved here, I committed to get back on track and have consistently been losing each week (except for last week but it is a new week). I hope to get over the hurdle of where I peaked at my weight loss and keeping working toward my goal, which is really just to be a healthy me.

One thing I do lack at the moment is the motivation to exercise. I have to work on that and just make time to do so. Also, as I type, I have pen and paper beside me, waiting to have a meal plan scribbled on them. I’ve never really successfully meal planned and would love any tips or advice. I found a recipe on pinterest last night that looked intriguing and I thought, what the heck, that’s try a smoothie that looks like green poo. I’ve heard about spinach smoothies and what not, but let’s be honest…I’m not Popeye. And while spinach is my preferred green in a salad (although I’ve been loving arugula lately), the thought of it blended up to be liquidy has always been less than appealing. But I’m all for trying new things. In fact, a few weeks ago I even tried a piece of chocolate covered bacon. Which obviously negates my strife for a more health conscious me but it actually wasn’t too shabby!

I have to say, as I’m still consuming my smoothie, it actually is pretty tasty. Let me tell you about it:


The ingredients:
1 frozen banana (did this last night…make sure to peal it before freezing)
1 tbsp peanut butter
1/2 cup 0% vanilla Greek yogurt
1 cup milk (this can be soy, almond, organic, regular…whatever your prefer)

After adding all of this, just fill the rest of the blender with spinach leaves. The original recipe recommended roughly 4 cups. Blend and then go! Finished, it looks like this:


I’m still working on it because it is a bit thick which I’m sure can be adjusted in the creation process. I got the originally recipe here

I do hope that you have a blessed and wonderful week ahead…and never be afraid of trying something new…it may just surprise you!


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