Week in Review!


I am proud to be posting this first thing on a Friday morning…that never happens! I was on top of my stuff this week! I have to say, this has been a really great week. I believe things are about to get CRAY-CRAY, as semester projects are getting underway. I think, however, its going to be a different kind of crazy than its been. I’ve been striving to focus on one thing at a time, so if its work, then I want to be all there. And if its school, then I want to be all there. It does my heart and soul and anxiety no good to be thinking what I need to be doing when I’m somewhere else. I continue to love this city and all it has to offer. This week was good for lots of reasons. First, I got to have lunch/late night dinner with two new friends…folks, we really were made for community. Maybe some people, more than others, but that is an important part of our time here on earth. It was just refreshing. Ya know, I’ve been blessed in my life with something I’m coming to realize is as rare as finding a diamond glittering on the side walk. And what I’m about to explain has happened not only once in my life, but several times. There are a few women in my life, who upon meeting, we became what I call insta-friends. There was no period of getting to know each other. No discomfort with hanging out. No slow period of finding common ground and shared interests. When I say instant, I mean exactly that. I have had to stop and think back extra hard to make sure I am not glorifying those times to make them more than they were. But nope, that is exactly what they were. You can imagine the standard at which I hold new friendships, hoping they’re all like that. But actually, I think that its best they are not. How fortunate am I to have already experienced this several times in my short life? As I put myself out there, trying to develop relationships beyond acquaintanceships, I have to remind myself there are different types of friendships. There are different roles they all play. Acquaintanceship has its place, even though its my least favorite of all the friendships.

Moving right along, class was also good this week. On different occasions, I felt ridiculously unprepared and rushed prior too which I hate with a passion burning in my soul so I’m trying some new techniques to get over that happening again. This has kind of been the week of idea pitching and development for both my writing and photography class. Must people know my photo class has been a bit of a struggle, embarrassing as that is. But last night, I felt my teacher was actually excited about my idea. That was encouraging. Looking forward to digging in and really learning the depth of telling someone’s story. Ya know, it was really funny as we were going around last night, one by one sharing with the class the direction we were hoping to take our projects and bouncing ideas off each other. Toren, our teacher, was talking about how we gain access and communicate with individuals as we try to do so. Someone brought up email and he immediately encouraged a phone call. He also went on to talk about the importance of knowing peoples names and greeting them with such. This whole part of class made me giggle inside and I had to bite my tongue because I almost said, “Aw, honey, in the south we just call that common hospitality.”

With that, I give you my week:

1. I’ve always been told that horizontal stripes are least flattering but I have to say, I love a good horizontal stripe. I’ve become a bit over zealous in my sweater wearing; if I wake up and its just a bit chilly, I go straight to the sweater part of my closet, completely ignoring that part of my brain saying “Slow down child, its going to warm up,” which of course , without fail, it does, leaving me with scrunched up sleeves by the end of the day. But I rarely care because I’m wearing such a cute sweater.

2. This is in the back of our store. We have this groovy little court yard, and while waiting on a customer, I couldn’t resist this scrumptious light.

3. From the website I shared in my last post, I printed out this beautiful word set. That website title is no joke; that is a STRIKING truth! It just echos what I’ve been told my whole life. (Thanks dad!)

4. My seminar class attended the Newseum this past week. Holy smokes, if any of you ever travel to DC, its a must see. It’s one of the more expensive of the museums, with a $22 price tag but I can personally attest to it being worth every penny. Even though it was covered by my teacher, I would absolutely pay to go back. I was not anticipating how moving this museum would be. First off, its just cool. The design of the place is amazing. On the outside near the entrance, every morning they put a front page out from one major city in every state. You can imagine how excited I got to see the Times Picayune’s September 25 front page. They also have new front pages from major countries all over the world. There is a Pulitzer Gallery which was why my class was there for an upcoming assignment. Talk about emotional. You can watch all of the interviews and see these incredible photos that have truly shaped the way people see the world. You can’t tell me you’ve never seen the black and white photo of the little naked Vietnamese girl running down the dirt rode crying with smoke in the background. Or the Saigon execution as the officer shoots a local in the head. Those are powerful images. This quote is at the entrance of the Pulitzer gallery. Eddie Adams, the one who said this, is the photographer who shot the Saigon Execution. It’s amazing to hear his interview about that moment he captured. Powerful stuff. There is also an incredible exhibition on 9/11. They have the antenna that once was set atop one of the twin towers in NYC. I just sat there and cried as I watched the stories told by journalists. It’s an incredible place. I recommend it.

5. I’ve mentioned before how I kill innocent plants. Bless my little basil plant’s heart…it just didn’t stand a chance. My roommate thought it was necessary to be the voice of the plant, because I obviously couldn’t see how much help it needed. It’s official: my thumb is not green.

6. After lunch with my new friend Katie, (which was DELICIOUS…remember the coconut macaroon I posted a few weeks back? We went there for real food…I seriously wanted the whole menu) I ventured over to Eastern Market just to see what goodies were out that might need a home. I found this basket of baby sweet potatoes that were not only adorable, but looked delicious…I’ve contemplating what I should make with them this weekend. P.S. Here is a picture of what I ate for lunch: Smoked Salmon Tartine, with a cup of fresh lemonade and a side of baguette. Delicious!

7. I overestimated the time it would take for me to get to the Newseum before class. From the time I caught the bus at my apt, took the yellow line on the metro downtown, and walked a block, I was there within 30 minutes. So with 30 minutes to spare, I just walked around. Upon doing so, I came across this cool fountain.

8. Whenever I get a package, my notification comes by email. Let me tell you…it is always such a good day when I see the subject line: “We have a delivery waiting for you!” I couldn’t wait to get home and see what it was. Going back to my opening paragraph, I just have the most wonderful friends. My lovely friend Amanda sent me this little care package all the way from Montana. Amanda and I were roommates in Florence and have one of those soul connections. We’ve seen each other only twice since 2006 but have a wonderful “across the miles” friendship. This little care package had me in tears. She made me a bag for the farmers market and a little lunch bag so I don’t have to always use brown paper bags! She also sent me/made me some fabulous little goodies…I was so blessed.

9. Despite the fact that I can’t keep basil or cacti alive, I still am a strong believer that flowers help make a home lovely. While at the farmers market, I couldn’t pass up this little autumn bouquet and gladly surrendered $5 so that our kitchen table would have some life.

Sweet family and friends, I hope your weekend is truly blessed and wonderful, with just the right dose of adventure and relaxation!




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