For over a year now, I have had a reminder in my phone to create my personal manifesto.

I wanted to be able to articulate the things that I wanted to live by. I came across the Holstee Manifesto over a year ago and just connected with its words. Do what I love? YES! Travel often? YES! Life is short so live my passion? YES! All of those things resonated with my soul but I wanted to put my own words to paper. Then earlier this year, I ran across this article on Pinterest that talks about writing a manifesto for yourself. Once again, someone else articulate beautiful goals for their life and year.

I have yet to sit down and really put pen to paper. I’ve always been a goal oriented person who loves crossing things off my to do list, so I don’t know why this is has been such a challenge. And then the other day, I came across this website:

What an inspiring place!!! I encourage you all to go check it out and read the inspiring words these individuals create into art. And you can even sign up to have a new one delivered to your inbox each day. Talk about motivation and inspiration.

The one I shared above just spoke to something deep in my heart. And once again, leaves me saying “YES! Exactly!”

Have you ever made a manifesto for your life? Is there something that you repeat to yourself to get you through rough times? Is there a mantra you model your life after?

It’s never to late to start….


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