Week in Review

Well friends, it has been a better week here in DC. I actually experienced a few moments where I was overcome with such a love for this city. In fact, my adjustments have had nothing to do with not enjoying where I am but more so adjusting to balancing several things that I haven’t had to do before. But there’s a cool thing I once learned from doing yoga in college…the more I practiced standing on one foot, staring straight ahead, the better I got at not wobbling and the longer I could stand up and then one day it felt like the most natural thing, me standing on one leg, with my left foot touching my knee. I think it was called a tree pose. And the cool thing about trees is that they are rooted.

I like to think that the longer I keep at least trying to balance and keeping my eye on God and what He has directly laid before me, then it will become more natural. Perhaps no less easy, but at least more the norm. I even had slightly less anxiety going into my photo critique on Thursday. It was slightly less brutal even though it becomes more apparent each week how far I am from my other classmates. Most people get at least one “Now thats a good picture.” I haven’t gotten that yet which is both discouraging and embarrassing but I just have to push onward and keep trying.

So here we go:

1. As I posted earlier this week, after two visits, I was able to find the letterpress guy at Eastern Market. Oh my gosh, his type collection was so beautiful. I just want to go every Sunday and buy 1 letter and see what I end up with by the end of the year. I mean, he had every shape and size and font. There were such beauties!!

2. I also found these flowers at Eastern Market. I immediately fell in love with them but not there $15 price tag. Maybe one day when I just need unique flowers to fill my space. But lets be honest. I’m not the most skilled at keeping things alive. If you saw the current state of my basil plant and my cacti, you’d breathe a breath of relief that I don’t have a dog…theres no telling what kind of state it would be in. Upon looking at the photo more, I realize these flowers look like little brains which is kind of weird. But in person they were beautiful and velvety and just different. **more on Eastern Market another time..its fabulous

3. I mentioned before in other posts how it has been important that I continue to engage in things that make me happy in order to maintain sanity. As silly as it may sound, one thing that brings me more joy than anything in this world is packaging. I actually had a pretty fantastic conversation with a customer at work about the possibility of having a pop up shop where I offered packaging options around the holidays. I don’t know if that will be feasible with my schedule but there are some definite things I’d like to work towards. Anywho, some lovely friends of mine got married in May and as a wedding present, I went around and filmed family and mostly our college friends giving them a message. I was finally able to complete it here recently and got it in the mail….stay tuned for the link to the video later this week.

4. Anyone who knows me should be confident in my lack of morning appeal. I am through and through a  product of the Crains with my night owl-ness. But wouldn’t you know that I have to get up at least 5/7 mornings, usually around 7:30ish? Less than desirable but just like that balance I spoke of it is becoming more of my norm. I thought the morning light on my fruit was just scrumptious.

5. This is what way early in the morning looks like when the night before I discovered I had 5 chapters due for class the next morning. I stayed up as late as I could, breaking the very strict bed time I had set for myself and got up way too early to go to the Safeway across from school to fuel up with a muffin and dig into as much reading as I could. The older I get and the more focused I get with school, the more I hate being late and unprepared. (shocking, I’m sure, to most who know how I’m used to operating) I won’t really talk about how we never actually even talked about the reading.

6. It came a monsoon of a rainstorm the other day. And I will jump on ANY chance to wear my rain boots.

7. I was blessed with 2 opportunities to do some packaging this week and this time it was for my dear friend’s younger sister. I shot her senior pictures right before I came to DC was able to finish them up and get them to her this week. I just enjoy it so much!

8. Unless you don’t read the news, you will know that yesterday was a huge day at my place of employment. I LOVE working for a company that is constantly on the edge of exciting things. I woke up at 5:30 and headed that way. By the time I got to work, the line was all the way down Wisconsin Ave, and a good block or so down M Street. In fact, when I got out of class Thursday night, there was a block’s worth of people camping out. Before we open the doors, we get really pumped up. This is that moment. We made two long lines to cheer customers in and it really was a good day. Very fast paced!

9. Yum.

Well speaking of work, I have to scoot to there. I’m a bit disappointed because today is the National Book Fair at the Library of Congress. I know, right? It’s like the mother of all book fair. Authors like R.L. Stine and Walter Isaacson will be there doing talks and book signings…I’m super bummed to miss such a cool event. Maybe next year.

Have a blessed week ahead!


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