Speak to me Michelangelo…


When I lived in Italy, I saw a lot of amazing art. I lived next to really amazing art. Heck, the whole city of Florence IS art. Just walking down the street was an inspiring experience.

During my second semester, I remember hearing these words for the first time: “Ancora Imparo”

Translated from Italian, they mean “I am still learning.”

At the age of 87, Michelangelo muttered these words. Just shortly before his death, he had not lost sight of the fact that there were still things he could be taught. That saying became a motto for me at the time and as I was trying to pick the perfect phrase to have immortalized in metal type on my bookcase, those 2 words rang in my mind.

Perhaps it was the sounds and smell of the market I was in that reminded me of the Central Mercato in Florence. Or maybe it was street musician I passed on my way in search of these letters. Whatever it was that caused the wind to whisper that phrase into my ear, I am grateful.

Because that is exactly what I am doing. I am still learning. I am still learning photography. I am still learning how to approach strangers. I am still learning how to let me fear go and just be me. I am still learning how to balance. I am still learning how to be a grown up. I am still learning how to let go.

I am still learning. And I hope that will be a consistent truth throughout my life. None of this “You cant teach an old dog new tricks.” Pish posh I say, for I am neither old nor are these lessons new…they are just making their rounds in my life.


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