Delayed Reaction to the Crazy


Hello folks! This is a post 4 days late. So quickly life is becoming this narrow walkway of class, work, repeat…finding time to actually take pictures and do homework on lunch breaks and getting up at times that I’m sure most of you assumed I wasn’t capable of waking up at. What’s crazy is this is only the beginning of my new life here….the assignments I have for class are still just preliminary; I’ve yet to really get into the meat where I will be gaining access to people’s lives and recording my I experience in images. Ah, yes, that’s right…I must first find the time to do so. None the less, it has literally taken me 5 days to come back to post that was literally missing 2 photos to actually insert said photos. On Saturday, I went to bed at 9:45…am I the most exciting 25 year old you have ever met or what?!

Amidst the crazy, I still try to capture the little moments. After all, that’s what life is made up of anyway. So I welcome you to glimpse at the little pieces that make up each step of this new journey:

(again, starting in the top left corner, moving to the right, each row at a time)

1. This is my lunch baggie every day. Yes, it is an actual brown bag. To my precious environmentalist friends: I try to reuse and recycle. I could have a cute insulated bag but I’ve yet to find one worth investing $10-20 into. But I get ridiculous aesthetic pleasure in using cute tape to package up my 50 for $1 brown paper sacks. And let’s be honest: on some days I have to pack both lunch and dinner so its double incentive for my food to look adorable.

2. In my first weekend attempt to spend a few hours each weekend trying a new event or restaurant and finding at least one adventure each week, my roommates and I ventured out to a 90s dance party we found on an events blog. Wouldn’t you know as we parked our car at the Pentagon to walk to the metro, it came a torrential down pour. We quickly ran from car to tunnel where I thought surely to God it would be reduced to a light drizzle by the time I came out on the other end. Wrong. I don’t know that I’ve ever been this wrong. I’ve never regretted leaving an umbrella at home as bad….darn attempts at packing light. You see, at the end of said tunnel is a huge parking lot to get to the Pentagon where the metro resides. My roomies, being of curly hair and umbrella possession said, “Let’s run for it!” So run we did. And drenched I got. I would love to share the physics of straight hair. Or at least mine….when it gets wet, there is no recovering. There is no “fresh off the beach” look. There is no flipping my head over, scrunching and then emerging model-esque. It is not pretty. I also can’t recall a time every inch of my being has been that soaked. But alas, I danced myself dry and didn’t look back.

3. DC is a city possessed with parking restrictions and the passes to get around them. So there you have my work permit that otherwise would cost me $300 A MONTH if I didn’t have my job…God bless them. My school permit and my apt. permit. And believe it or not there are still places around this city I will get towed from if I park there.

4. I had quite the solo adventure making my way to this DC landmark to try the infamous chili dog of Mr. Ben. It was tasty. A little too spicy for my taste…and heck, when I have Zestos to compare it to, it had no chance. Cool experience though. And in the 2 hour round trip adventure I went on, I got 40 pages of delightful reading done for class…I even mastered the “Standing while riding” technique I have long admired in metro regulars.

5. I go to school here. And I just think this entry way is gorgeous and in its simplicity speaks so much of the heart of the school.

6. Once upon a time I read this book called “My Year with Eleanor.” It’s a delightful memoir of a late twenties magazine writer whose dept got laid off, leaving her job-less and fearful. One day while she was at a coffee shop pining over what to do with her life, she saw written on a chalkboard this Eleanor Roosevelt quote: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” She spent the next year documenting just that. (I highly recommend the book…you can find it here) Anywho, in my first successful day of just getting out there and taking pics, I went into a store and saw this sign. And had my own little reminder that its ok to do things that I don’t know the outcome of.

7. Just a little morning light during my very first critique of grad school. BRU-TAL! But so interesting and helping and only the beginning of helping me be the best photographer I can be. Let me be honest…I didn’t even have time to go. But I sure felt for those who did. Talk to me after Thursday and I’ll let you know how it goes.

8. Rain was a popular thing last week.

9. Despite my crazy life these days, I finally got back on the birthday wagon and got a little something something in the mail…and it felt so good. I think amidst all the chaos I need to still find small slivers of time to do things that make me happy and are not required of me. I need those little moments. Those little things.

Well here is to another delightful week. I have posts ready to go but its just a little difficult at the moment finding the opportunity to post them. At the latest, I will see you Friday!! And I can’t thank you all enough for the prayers of support and encouragement. I truly feel it!!


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