I took a little detour today..

I took the metro downtown this afternoon determined to take some photos. (that didn’t work out the way I planned but I’m too bitter to talk about it) I had no plan for where I should shoot so I just started walking. I had heard about this memorial and that it was hidden away from most other prominent memorials so I set out to find it and what a gem it was once I got there.


I love that in half an hour I can be downtown via the bus and metro and that literally opens a treasure chest of enrichment. I simply walked a mile to the memorial and let myself plop.

On my walk back, after a quick stop at the Washington Monument and a chitty chat with my mom, I stopped in this little bakery. I only intended for some water but then I saw this and couldn’t resist


Most delicious coconut macaroon I’ve ever had. Best $1.10 spent today. Puts that darn $6.00 pastry to shame from last week….which taught me to never ask for something without asking the price.

So I’ll leave with this quote from Albert Einstein…

The right to search for truth implies also a duty; one must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true.

**Thank you Al for reminding me why I’m here


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