Week in Review!!

Wow, I can’t believe a whole week has gone by since my last post. Dear readers, though there be-est few, I intend for more frequency than that. Well, things are in full swing…ish. There are still two classes I have yet to attend but I believe their pace is going to be significantly different than that of my Thursday classes.

Before I dig into the photos that show small snippets of my week, I feel like giving a bit of a verbal recap. Dear friends, this transition has been full of struggle. This season is no exception to that adjustment phase as I get acclimated to a new chapter in life…that phase and I get more and more acquainted every time. Because let’s be honest…I’ve had my share of season changes. Sometimes life makes me, i.e. graduating from college. Other times I do it to myself, i.e. leaving one job on faith that doors would be opened elsewhere (they were, btw. That was my Texas chapter). It seems to be a familiar friend, almost like a formula. I move. Its hard. I don’t make friends. Then I make friends. Tears are shed in the unknown. The Lord makes things known. Repeat. My dad loves to recap my adjustment phases of days old each time I walk into new chapters. It happened within an hour of being in Italy. Within the first 3 days when I moved to Africa. Within the first month in Texas. And each adjustment phase has a breaking point and then a turning point. In Italy, it is when the cab driver dropped my naive yet striving so hard to be independent self at the curb of my apartment building. I didn’t hold back in my packing and when I couldn’t get the elevator to work (the ancient skeleton keys I possessed seemed to be nothing but for show) I tried to lug those bags up the stairs. Two 50lb. bags. And queue break down.

Let’s revisit Africa. If you know me, even by association, I’m sure you’re aware of my fear of anything reptilish, especially snakes. Probably my biggest fear was that I would come face to face with a slithering serpent that surely to God would have given me a stroke.¬†Well, I had to use the restroom…a cement block in the ground…after sun-down. I walk into the the bathroom closet and there was a sliver of moonlight shining through the wood in which a small lizard was illuminated right inside the cement hole. I almost peed my pants…I mean, it was real close considering why I was there in the first place. And that my friends, was when I made the vow that I would never use the outhouse after sun down in Africa. Needless to say, it sent me down a spiral of fear and all of a sudden, I felt I couldn’t make it.

Why do I say all of that? Because I have had enough transitions at this point to be able to look back and recognize the Lord’s hand on my life at each turn, even in the moments where I feel I can’t advance. Perhaps its a bit different because I am still living in the beginning of this transition but it is full of struggles daily that don’t seem to have an end. At this point there has been no specific breaking point. Just lots of tearful phone calls home, needing a sound board as I have to keep repeating “I can do this. I can do this”…and I’m super lucky for parents and family and friends who echo that to me often because let me be honest: sometimes I just hope I’m speaking words into existence. I’m not quitting folks….no sir. No ma’am. I will do this. I’m just being honest with the process.

This past week has been full of those small moments. On a personal note that I don’t want to go into, I dealt with a little bit of heart break at the beginning of the week that just, well, broke my heart. A little unexpected and a growing process. But God has a plan, as always. In the smallest of smalls to the biggest of bigs. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. I work…a lot. Lots of getting off at 10pm and going back for 9:30 the next morning. I’ve never been one to favor plopping in front of a tv instead of being crafty or writing letters but thats about all I do for 30ish minutes when I get home and then I go to bed, depending on what time I get home. It’s a mindless sport and a habit I don’t want to live in. Well, yesterday I added to the mix: class. I have never been so terrified and excited at the same time. My Story and Narrative class is going to rip me apart. I’m already feeling to pressure of having to produce work for critique every single week. But what an incredible opportunity to be better. And my Advanced Multimedia class is going to be phenomenal. I’m actually learning new techniques about things I’ve never learned, like audio and video and final cut pro. Pinch me. This is going to be a ridiculously tough semester. But now or never, ya know?

On to the pics!!! (left to right, starting on top row)

1. I found a candy machine that only had the yellow banana candies found in Willy Wonka candy. Best 25 cents ever spent.

2. “PIVOT!!!!” Watched this episode while putting together IKEA furniture…just seemed fitting.

3.There is a French bakery in Georgetown and I got my first taste of a macaroon…I’m not gonna lie. It wasn’t everything I imagined. When I buy a pastry, I’m also not used to hearing “That will be $6.00” No thank you. I’ll take the $1.29 muffins at Safeway ANYDAY.

4. I pass this every night on my drive home. How lucky am I!!!

5. This is how I travelled to work with my Mac. I just wanted her to feel safe.

6. I received all my books recently for my classes and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for assigned readings. Also, the book on Marco Rubio? That was written by my teacher…

7. Even though I was terrified on my first day, at least I looked cute.

8. “Officially” a Georgetown specialist ****I feel like there are many documents that keep making this transition “official”: drivers license, school i.d., new business cards…

9. I have befriended a security guard at work who blessed me with lunch today from this delicious BBQ place near by. That meal right there is the Lord using someone to be His hands and feet and show me that He will ALWAYS provide.

There will be many nights that I will come home and crash but I refuse to sit around on my weekends and not experience everything this city has to offer. So tomorrow night my roommates and I are going to this venue called Black Cat for a 90s dance party full of the best guilty pleasure songs ever…Yes, that’s happening.

Until next week, I dance …


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