Introducing Photo Archive-ology



At the end of each week, I would love to give yall a little glimpse into some highlights of my week. Before I dive in, let me just get caught up quickly on life in the big city. Or I guess I should say life in “a” big city…I’m not in New York or anything.

Two weeks ago I began working again. It has been a slight adjustment simply because each store does things differently. The people are friendly and have welcomed me…but let’s be honest, this isn’t the south where there seems to be no lack of friendliness. None the less, I am slowly but surely transitioning from the “new girl” which I like…I’m no Zooey Deschanel.

I am now 1/3 of Apt. 212 and it feels nice to have a full apartment. My roomies are lovely and I believe it will be a great year on that end.

I feel like I have the metro down which is a relief but the bus system? Now thats a different beast. On my first public transport venture, I chose to move by bus alone which took me a nice hour and a half to travel 6 miles. I felt surely to God that wasn’t normal. Unfortunately I’m learning the buses aren’t the most time efficient way for travel. But they’re handy when in transport to a metro stop. It’s still kind of embarrassing looking like a TOTAL ALIEN when waiting for a bus, squinting at a map, trying to figure if just maybe that bus will take me anywhere near where I need to be. Fortunately there are bus drivers, like the one I had today, who will scream really loud when it’s my turn to get off.

The last 2 days have been Orientation extravaganza. I’m getting incredibly excited about school. At this point, I’m just suppressing the nerves. It has been made clear that this first semester is the most challenging and difficult which is scary yet relieving for semesters to come, although I know those will hold new and different challenges.

Exciting things that are coming up this year: a trip to Cuba (yes to the please..hoping I can do this; it is both for credit and a photographers dream), free entrance to this amazing National Geographic symposium with some of their best photographers, studying photojournalism in our Nation’s capitol during AN ELECTION, and so much more.

Things are exciting and new and scary and wonderful all at the same time. Looking forward to so much. I ordered 10 books today for classes and I am THRILLED that the books I am required to read are so fascinating. Lots of prayers needed for balance and stress and workload.

Now, for a run through of my photo archive of the week..starting in the top right corner:

1. The perfect garnish to our front door…mom, you’re the BEST!!

2. I love finding beauty everywhere I go and this caught me out the corner of my eye (as I was walking to return keys to our leasing office. What keys you ask? Ones to let me in my apt. Why you ask? Because though I left this morning with 2 roommates who had keys, I didn’t anticipate returning with neither roommate and sans keys. Yep, that happened.)

3. I have wanted this candle for so long and finally bit the bullet and said, “My nostrils deserve to be full of magic!!” And now my room smells like Anthropologie. It IS magic.

4. I feel like I’m in Batman while I’m waiting for the metro.

5. This is how I replenished my body after a 30 minute walk from the metro to school…up hill.

6. This is Marcel. My helpful pen owl. Isn’t he adorable?

7. I officially fail at keeping things alive. Perhaps that is God’s way of saying “No but for real Jordan, you can’t handle a dog.” This recent fatality didn’t hinder me from purchasing a new basil plant today so I shall try again.

8. Sunset in Georgetown. Lovely.

9. This was my verse for the day. Isn’t God awesome like that?


Be blessed my friends. Have an amazing weekend!


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