I have been blessed with an incredible, full life in my short 25 years. The Lord has blessed me with more love and laughter and experience than most enjoy in a lifetime. And I simply don’t have words for my gratitude. Tomorrow, I have orientation for my program. I am so excited. It hasn’t been that I have forgotten that I have classes starting soon but in the pst 2 weeks I have been getting adjusting to a full work schedule and just trying to get into the daily vibe of living in these parts. But tomorrow I am starting something new. Something exciting. Yet again, another adventure.

I look back over past adventures and just remember the feelings of nerves and excitement, not knowing what would be before me…only hoping for good things..and here I am again, at the start of something new, praying and hoping for whats to come. On that note, I have some things I’d love to ask specific prayer requests for:

1. Vision-this is specifically for my artwork. That the Lord give me direction and creativity and a clear vision to bring glory to Him as I pursue a passion I know He gave.

2. Community-this is already slowly starting to grow…I am already so blessed with roommates that are amazing and I think I even found a church! (more on that another time) But please pray for community amongst my fellow classmates and within my work environment as well.

3. Energy-already feeling the potential of being very thinly spread, but I know the Lord can equip me with strength.

Those are just three specifics on my heart lately.

I’d love to close with a digital version of a book I made last year. During 2011, I challenged myself to take 1 photo every day. Earlier this year, I finally compiled them all into a book and when I look through it, I just feel as though I’m holding treasure. That’s something I love about photography…I can view an image and have my mind triggered with so many memories, stories and thoughts. I have a feeling the season I’m entering into now will produce a collection of equally as amazing memories…that is what I choose.

Be blessed my friends. Thank you for being the reason my life is so full:


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