And just like that, He reminds me….

As I got into my car tonight, I just had to sit for a minute. I needed a moment to not be standing. To close my eyes and just take some deep breaths before I got on the road and had to use my brain.

So I sat there. And in His perfect timing, I heard the lyrics to the Matthew West song that came on the radio. And even though the chorus was familiar, it was like I was listening for the first time:

You must think I’m strong
To give me what I’m going through

Well, forgive me
Forgive me if I’m wrong
But this looks like more than I can do
On my own

I know I’m not strong enough to be
everything that I’m supposed to be
I give up
I’m not stong enough
Hands of mercy won’t you cover me
Lord right now I’m asking you to be
Strong enough
Strong enough
For the both of us”

And just like that, He reminded me He was there. He always has been. Amen.


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