Come on in…get comfy

Hello lovely friends and family…

I finally did it. I started a blog. Well, its not my first attempt actually. In the past couple of years it’s something I’ve wanted to do and actually commit to* but never really felt like life was exciting enough to share on the interwebs. But here I am, starting a new, crazy and exciting time in life and I figure, now is as good a time as ever. 

Actually, something I’ve come to realize in the past year or so is that life is as exciting as you make it. And upon reflection, my life is incredibly full. Full of amazing people. Full of every day adventure. Full of more love than most people experience in a lifetime. Just full of awesome. 

In my first post, I shared an image I created with the quote that inspired the title of this blog: Delicious Ambiguity. I love everything it says. If my life is any record, plans never go according. You would think after years of crossing my fingers and praying with my eyes closed real tight that I would learn: God’s ways aren’t always my ways. And thank God for that. So as I enter into life full of traffic, back into academia, with a full time job, I am working on change. Changing my desire to want the completed puzzle and accepting each mix-matched jig as it comes. 

In this place, I will try as often as possible to keep y’all updated with photos and posts on each new adventure, as well as share things that are currently inspiring me. I invite you to come in, pull up a seat and make yourself comfortable. Come by as often as you can and please keep me in your prayers when you are away. 

It’s a big world out there. And what a blessing it is to play a small part. 


*while freshman year of college and beginning my life as a post-grad adult provided some interesting thoughts to share with the world, I regret that neither of them stuck. Let’s just say my ability to follow through has changed over the years…



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